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WordPress is continually under development. Currently, work is underway on Phase 2 of the Gutenberg project. The Gutenberg project is a reimagination of the way we manage content on the web. Its goal is to broaden access to web presence, which is a foundation of successful modern businesses. Phase 1 was the new block editor, which was released in WordPress 5.0, you can see that in action here. In 2019 we’re focusing on Phase 2 which will provide a way for themes to visually register content areas, and expose these in Gutenberg.

For 2019 the project also has the following 9 priorities, as outlined in this post by project lead Matt Mullenweg:

  • Creating a block for navigation menus.
  • Port all existing widgets to blocks.
  • Upgrade the widgets-editing areas and the Customizer to support blocks.
  • Provide a way for themes to visually register content areas, and expose them in Gutenberg.
  • Merge the site health check plugin into Core, to assist with debugging and encourage good software hygiene.
  • Provide a way for users to opt-in to automatic plugin and theme updates.
  • Provide a way for users to opt-in to automatic updates of major Core releases.
  • Build a WordPress.org directory for discovering blocks, and a way to seamlessly install them.
  • Form a Triage team to tackle our 6,500 open issues on Trac.

Want to get involved? Head on over to Make WordPress! We can always use more people to help translate, design, document, develop and market WordPress.

Currently planned releases

Here are the current planned releases, and links to their respective milestones in our issue tracker. Any projected dates are for discussion and planning purposes, and will be firmed up as we get closer to release.

Phiên bản Đã lên kế hoạch
5.3 (Trac) 2019

Tháng trước khi phát hành các tính năng mới bị đóng băng và trọng tâm là hoàn toàn đảm bảo chất lượng bản phát hành bằng cách loại bỏ lỗi và lược tả mã cho bất kỳ vấn đề hiệu suất nào.

Bạn có thể xem tất cả bản phát hành trước trong trang lịch sử.

Kế hoạch dài hạn

While we expect to need most or all of 2019 to finish phase 2 of Gutenberg, there are already plans for Phase 3 and 4. Phase 3 will focus on collaboration and multi-user editing. Phase 4 will contain support for multilingual sites.