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Mô tả

WP-Persian is a fast and powerful plugin for jalali calendar and persian language support in wordpress and standard plugins.

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  • Jalali DatePicker for Woocommerce
  • Farsi Fonts for Admin Dashboard
  • Full posts and comments dates conversion to jalali.
  • Customizable through specific WordPress admin page.
  • Jalali timestamp edit in new post and new page sections.
  • Jalali dates in inline edit tables.
  • Change wordpress language from admin control panel.
  • Adds RTL and LTR buttons to the TinyMCE editor to enable writing text in Right to Left and Left to Right directions.
  • Jalali Archive widget.
  • Jalali Calendar widget.
  • Jalali/Gregorian compatible permalinks.

Farsi Description

  • امکان تغییر فونت بخش مدیریت سایت
  • پشتیبانی از تاریخ هجری شمسی در ووکامرس
  • تاریخ هجری شمسی در همه بخش ها حتی بخش آپلود عکس و مدیا
  • تشخیص خودکار جهت متن ورودی در بخش مدیریت
  • قابلیت تبدیل کلیه تاریخ های میلادی به هجری شمسی
  • امکان تغییر زبان و تقویم بخش مدیریت و بخش کاربری به صورت مجزا‬
  • به همراه راهنمای کامل تنظیمات به زبان فارسی
  • بدون ایجاد تغییرات در هسته وردپرس

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Cài đặt

  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/wp-persian directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Use the Settings->Persian screen to configure the plugin

Hỏi đáp

I found a bug in the plugin.

Please post it in the Plugin Homepage and we’ll fix it right away. Thanks for helping.

Does WP-Persian Support Multisite?


Which version of WordPress should I use?

use can use English or Persian version of WordPress.but we suggest english version.

Đánh giá

17 Tháng Hai, 2022
You can not imagine how much im thank full because of your great plugin thank you SIAVASH
11 Tháng Mười Hai, 2020
Fixes lots of common problems when dealing with Wordpress in fa_IR language.
2 Tháng Bảy, 2022
بعضی چیزها رو انگلیسی میکنه! مثلا نمایش تبدیل میشه به Theme خیلی عجیبه O_o
17 Tháng Một, 2020
hi dear developer Im sol glad Ive found this awesome plugin but in the new wordpress version, it seems that the date is not shamsi anymore i kindly request to fix this for wordpress new version. thanks a billion!
Đọc tất cả 30 đánh giá

Người đóng góp & Lập trình viên

“WP-Persian” là mã nguồn mở. Những người sau đã đóng góp vào plugin này.

Những người đóng góp

Nhật ký thay đổi

= 3.2.5 (July 19th,2018)=
* (UPDATE) update farsi language repository

= 3.2.3 (July 19th,2018)=
* (FIX) bugfix in conflict with other farsi plugins

= 3.2.2 (July 1st,2018)=
* (FIX) bugfix in woocommerce date

= 3.2.1 (June 29th,2018)=
* (NEW) change adminpanel fonts
* (NEW) datepicker as option in adminpanel settings

= 3.2.0 (June 21th,2018)=
* (NEW) jalali datepicker for woocommerce

3.1.0 (May 21th,2018)

  • (NEW) jalali date in media library page
  • (FIX) bug fix in activate plugin
  • (TEST) PHP 7.0.10 + WordPress 4.9.6

3.0.2 (May 17th,2018)

  • (UPDATE) update language repository
  • (FIX) bug fix jalali calendar widget
  • (UPDATE) update jalali date functions

3.0.1 (May 11th,2018)

  • (IMPROVE) improve in change language

3.0.0 (May 11th,2018)

  • (NEW) auto direction base on user input
  • (NEW) Ctrl+RShift and Ctrl+LShift change input layout direction
  • (FIX) change Admin Dashboard language from user profile
  • (FIX) visual editor RTL style
  • (IMPROVE) some other improvements
  • (TEST) PHP 7.2.5 + WordPress 4.9.5 + Google Chrome 66.0 + Firefox 60.0

2.3.0 (May 5th,2018)

  • (FIX) bug fix in permalinks

2.1.3 (August 27th,2016)

  • (FIX) bug fix in jalali calendar widget for support PHP7

2.1.2 (August 6th,2016)

  • (IMPROVE) cache support for jalali calendar widget

2.1.1 (August 2st,2016)

  • (IMPROVE) improve in jalali calendar widget

2.1.0 (August 1st,2016)

  • (FIX) bug fix in repository language

2.0.1 (July 29th,2016)

  • (FIX) bug fix in rtl locale

2.0 (July 28th,2016)

  • Written again for wordpress 4.x compatibility and performance