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WooCommerce là giải pháp thương mại điện tử mã nguồn mở linh hoạt cho WordPress. Bất kể bạn có một dự án kinh doanh hoặc cửa hàng online, hoặc thiết kế trang web cho khách hàng bạn có thể bắt đầu nhanh chóng và tạo ra chính xác cửa hàng như ý muốn.

Kích hoạt plugin WooCommerce miễn phí trên trang web WordPress mới hoặc cũ, theo dõi hướng dẫn, và cài đặt cửa hàng mưới chỉ trong vài phút với:

Beyond the basics, WooCommerce is fully customizable and extendable:

  • Choose a design to suit your brand and industry.
  • Enhance your store with free and paid extensions: add features and integrate with local and global eCommerce web services.
  • Inspect and modify any aspect of the core plugin code.
  • Leverage hooks and filters to modify functions.
  • Build on top of the REST API and webhooks.

Open-source freedoms mean full ownership of content and data forever – plus the expertise of a friendly global community.

WooCommerce is built to allow store managers to run an eCommerce site themselves, no web developer needed. There is also a free WooCommerce mobile app (Android and iOS) for store management on the go.

WooCommerce is developed and supported by Automattic, the creators of Jetpack and WordPress.com, along with independent contributors. The official extension marketplace is on WooCommerce.com.

From subscriptions to gym classes to luxury cars

With WooCommerce, you can sell both physical and digital goods in all shapes and sizes, offer product variations, complex configurations, and instant downloads to shoppers; and even sell affiliate goods from online marketplaces.

And those are just the out-of-the-box options. With paid extensions, you can extend your WooCommerce store to take bookings, offer memberships, set up recurring payments by subscription, create dynamic pricing rules, and much more.

Start a monthly wine subscription box, offer a discount on yoga mats to members who’ve attended 10+ classes, offer configurable hampers or personalized jewelry – it’s all possible with WooCommerce.

Comprehensive payment options

WooCommerce comes bundled with the ability to accept major credit cards, alternative payment methods, BACS (bank transfers), and cash on delivery.

For additional options, WooCommerce also integrates with more than 140 region-specific gateways including popular choices like Stripe, PayPal, Square and Amazon Pay. Apple Pay and Google Pay are also supported.

Search for your payment service provider of choice on the official marketplace.

Ship locally and globally

Shipping with WooCommerce is highly configurable. Adjust the built-in settings to offer free shipping or flat rate shipping, limit your shipments to specific countries by setting up shipping zones, or open your store up to the world.

Official extensions connect you with hundreds of local and international carriers – including Royal Mail, FedEx, and Australia Post – and let you integrate with inventory management and fulfilment providers.

There are also extensions available to add delivery and shipping options and support strategies like buy-one-get-one free, free gifts, and add-ons. WooCommerce Shipping supports real-time calculations and printing labels at home.

Design your store with themes and blocks

WooCommerce store design starts with a theme of your choice. There are hundreds of free and paid themes available, including Storefront by Automattic — it’s free to all stores and you can choose to have it installed for you during the guided setup.

Storefront offers deep WooCommerce integration and prioritizes speed and uptime. You can add your brand and define your style by customizing Storefront yourself or adding one of several industry-themed Storefront child themes.

Personalize your store’s design even more with WooCommerce Blocks (available in WooCommerce 3.6 and above) — use them to add selections of or single products to any page, for a seamless blending of commerce into content.

Customize your store with extensions

The easiest way to add features and functionality to a WooCommerce store is with an extension:

There are hundreds of official extensions reviewed by WooCommerce developers available on the WooCommerce.com marketplace, and many in the WordPress.org repository and on the wider web.

Control your data forever

WooCommerce gives you complete control – from taxes to stock levels to customer accounts. Add and remove extensions, change your store’s design, and switch themes or hosts or payment service providers, all as you please.

In a world increasingly aware of the importance of data protection, WooCommerce gives you full ownership over what is tracked and stored. If you opt to share usage data with us, your data is anonymized and kept secure. At any stage, you can opt out of all forms of tracking while still enjoying all of WooCommerce’s capabilities.

With WooCommerce, your data belongs to you. One of the risks of using a hosted eCommerce platform the risk of losing your store if the provider closes. WooCommerce store data is future-proof — you’re are free to export all your content and take your site wherever you choose.

Why developers like WooCommerce

WooCommerce was originally created with developers in mind. Built with a REST API, it integrates with virtually any service. Store data can be accessed anywhere, anytime, 100% securely.

WooCommerce allows developers to easily create, modify, and scale a store that meets client’s specifications, and to make enhancements either with extensions or with customs solution.

No matter the size of the store you want to build, WooCommerce has a robust framework that supports stores from basic to enterprise – with content and commerce in a single, central location.

WooCommerce is audited by a dedicated team of developers who work across time zones to identify and patch any and all discovered bugs. There is comprehensive, easily-accessible documentation that is updated with each release. With our docs, you’ll learn how to create the site your client needs.

Join our growing community

WooCommerce is one of the fastest-growing eCommerce communities. We’re proud that the helpfulness of the community and wealth of resources available online are frequently cited as reasons our users love it.

There are 80+ WooCommerce Meetups taking place in cities across the world that you can attend for free and even get involved in running. WooCommerce also has a regular presence at WordCamps across the globe – and we’d love to meet you.

If you’re interested in contributing to WooCommerce we’ve got more than 350 contributors, and there’s always room for more. Head to the WooCommerce GitHub Repository to find out how you can pitch in.

WooCommerce is currently 100% translated into 24 languages, including Danish, Ukrainian, and Persian. If you’re interested in helping to localize WooCommerce by adding your local language, visit translate.wordpress.org.

Contributors & Developers

“WooCommerce” has been translated into 55 locales. Thank you to the translators for their contributions. Translate “WooCommerce” into your language.

Browse the code, check out the SVN repository, or subscribe to the development log by RSS.

Ảnh màn hình


This plugin provides 16 blocks.

Newest Products
Best Selling Products
Hand-picked Products
Filter Products by Price
Active Product Filters
Products by Tag
Products by Category
Product Categories List
Product Search
Filter Products by Attribute
Featured Product
Reviews by Category
Reviews by Product
All Reviews
Featured Category
On Sale Products

Cài đặt

Yêu cầu tối thiểu

  • PHP 7.2 hoặc cao hơn
  • MySQL 5.6 hoặc cao hơn

Truy cập Yêu cầu cài đặt WooCommerce để biết cụ thể yêu cầu cho server của bạn.

Cài đặt tự động

Automatic installation is the easiest option — WordPress will handles the file transfer, and you won’t need to leave your web browser. To do an automatic install of WooCommerce, log in to your WordPress dashboard, navigate to the Plugins menu, and click “Add New.”

In the search field type “WooCommerce,” then click “Search Plugins.” Once you’ve found us, you can view details about it such as the point release, rating, and description. Most importantly of course, you can install it by! Click “Install Now,” and WordPress will take it from there.

Manual installation

Manual installation method requires downloading the WooCommerce plugin and uploading it to your web server via your favorite FTP application. The WordPress codex contains instructions on how to do this here.

Đang cập nhật

Automatic updates should work smoothly, but we still recommend you back up your site.

If you encounter issues with the shop/category pages after an update, flush the permalinks by going to WordPress > Settings > Permalinks and hitting “Save.” That should return things to normal.

Sample data

WooCommerce comes with some sample data you can use to see how products look; import sample_products.xml via the WordPress importer. You can also use the core CSV importer or our CSV Import Suite extension to import sample_products.csv

Hỏi đáp

Tôi có thể tìm tài liệu và hướng dẫn sử dụng ở đâu?

For help setting up and configuring WooCommerce please refer to our user guide

For extending or theming WooCommerce, see our codex.

Tôi có thể được hỗ trợ hoặc trò chuyện với các người dùng khác ở đâu?

Nếu bạn gặp khó khăn, bạn có thể yêu cầu giúp đỡ trong WooCommerce Plugin Forum.

For help with paid extensions from WooCommerce.com, use our helpdesk.

WooCommerce sẽ hoạt động tốt với giao diện của tôi?

Yes! WooCommerce will work with any theme, but may require some styling. Please see our codex for help. If you’re looking for a theme with built in WooCommerce integration we recommend Storefront.

Where can I request new features, eCommerce themes, and extensions?

You can vote on and request new features and extensions on our WooIdeas board

Tôi có thể báo lỗi hoặc tham gia đóng góp vào dự án ở đâu?

Báo lỗi tại WooCommerce GitHub repository. Bạn cũng có thể báo chúng trong diễn đàn hỗ trợ.

Tôi có thể tìm thấy tài liệu hướng dẫn REST API ở đâu?

Bạn có thể tìm tài liệu hướng dẫn về REST API của chúng tôi tại WooCommerce REST API Docs.

WooCommerce thật tuyệt vời! Tôi có thể tham gia đóng góp không?

Vâng bạn có thể! Tham gia GitHub repository của chúng tôi.

Đánh giá

9 Tháng Bảy, 2020
After last update i have errors ...ActionScheduler_DBStoreMigrator.php on line 44 W have check version 4.2.2 and 4.3 - the same errors. Please help thank you
6 Tháng Bảy, 2020
I owe my profession to this plugin. Thanks you guy!
6 Tháng Bảy, 2020
my site is built with woocommerce, elementor and woolementor. they all just work great.
3 Tháng Bảy, 2020
You could set up your whole business to utilize this platform and then they will remove features at whim. They do this over and over and never respond to hundreds of people who are unable to update or use woocommerce due to removed features.
2 Tháng Bảy, 2020
This is really useful plugin for those who want to take their stores online.
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Người đóng góp & Lập trình viên

“WooCommerce” là mã nguồn mở. Những người sau đã đóng góp vào plugin này.

Những người đóng góp

“WooCommerce” đã được dịch qua 63 ngôn ngữ. Cảm ơn những người tham gia dịch vì đóng góp của họ.

Dịch “WooCommerce” sang ngôn ngữ của bạn.

Muốn tham gia phát triển?

Duyệt code, check out SVN repository, hoặc theo dõi nhật ký phát triển qua RSS.

Nhật ký thay đổi

4.3.0 – 2020-07-08

* Enhancement – Show notice to update to latest PHP if version is < 7.2. #26775
* Enhancement – Add template cache clearing. #26752
* Enhancement – Add 47 Kenya counties. #26728
* Enhancement – Accessibility: add aria-disabled attribute to “Update cart” button on checkout page. #26726
* Enhancement – Update “Subtotal” translation string in wc-template-functions.php. #26706
* Enhancement – Add a new Features settings section, enabling woocommerce_homescreen_enabled for all new stores. #26625
* Enhancement – Add warning in status report if a base database table is missing. #26455
* Enhancement – Updated stock handling to prevent race conditions when orders come in at the same time. #26395
* Tweak – Allow checkout even if reserved table is not present. #26705
* Tweak – Add note to Products Importer description that TXT files are also supported. #26670
* Tweak – Allow set different notice types with WC_Admin_Notices. #26410
* Tweak – Fix redundant setting of object cache when attribute taxonomies are not being used. #26518
* Fix – Encode HTML entities for product attribute name and values. #26754
* Fix – Fix an issue with attribute value escaping in product CSV exports. #26739
* Fix – Fix comment_type value for reviews created with WordPress 5.5. #26729
* Fix – Close unbalanced


p> tag in auth “Grant Access” form template file. #26725
* Fix – Remove check for the existing term when parsing category via CSV & instead catch an existing term error when adding a new category to the database. #26720
* Fix – Domain update script now replaces woocommerce-admin domain also in Blocks package. #26690
* Fix – Correct grammar mistake in the help tip of the Connected to WooCommerce.com field of the System Status Report. #26666
* Fix – Allow float value timezone offsets to display the correct float values. #26637
* Fix – Add asterisk to star rating if ‘Star ratings should be required, not optional’ checkbox is enabled. #26596
* Fix – Use calculations similar to cart for orders as well (fixed regression). #26583
* Fix – Fixed data-id of notices in checkout. #26386
* Fix – Fixed password visible toggle in the checkout page. #26292
* Fix – Product description display fix when multiple products shortcodes are present on a page. #26250
* Fix – Using the add-to-cart parameter with a product variant id will now have the variation attributes populated correctly. #26237
* Fix – Better template caching support for multi-server environments. #23971
* Fix – Fix updating the wc_reserve_stock stock_quantity value after making changes to the cart in between checkouts. #26807
* Fix – Put back the remove element for multiselects on selectWoo. #26849
* Dev – Adjusted the WC tested up to check to only apply to major versions. #26685
* Dev – Make shipping calculations more flexible by providing actions. #26542
* Dev – Trigger check_variations with custom values. #26525
* Dev – Add verify_base_db method to check if all base tables are present. #26454
* Dev – Added action before the “Add payment method” save button and a filter to validate manually added fields when adding payment method. #26445
* Dev – wc_get_shipping_method_count() has a new argument ($enabled_only`) which allows restricting the non-legacy shipping methods to the enabled ones. #25753
* Dev – Added pre query filters for WP dashboard WooCommerce status widget. #25321
* Dev – Removed type hints from src folder. #26963

REST API 1.0.10
* Enhancement – Add API tool to clear template cache. woocommerce/woocommerce-rest-api#212
* Enhancement – Add API tool to verify base DB tables. woocommerce/woocommerce-rest-api#188

WooCommerce Admin 1.3.0
* Enhancement – Add Jetpack stats to performance indicatorts / homepage #4291
* Enhancement – New “Store Management” quick links card on WooCommerce home screen. #4350
* Enhancement – Inbox notifications layout updates #4218
* Enhancement – New Home Screen #4303
* Enhancement – Use WordPress Core colors for styling accents. #4558
* Tweak – make revenue report total sales column optional #4397
* Tweak – Adjustments to WooCommerce Payments setup task #4373
* Tweak – Handling of plugin installs in OBW #4411
* Tweak – Update design of Setup Checklist #4434
* Tweak – Add scrollable styling to left side of Table, and keep updated #4179
* Tweak – Add custom autocompleter support to Search component #4518
* Tweak – reduce asset filename length. #4535
* Tweak – Use single dash for country/state dropdown options #4553
* Tweak – Use label tag for toggleable shipping zones #4554
* Tweak – Make it easier to add submenu items to the Marketing menu #4561
* Tweak – Tag remove button style so it is properly centered. #4651
* Tweak – Tweak the embed page CSS so the top content sits better. #4622
* Tweak – Update summary number placeholder styles. #4682
* Fix – misaligned ‘required’ text on selects #4307
* Fix – exception when opening dashboard after selecting extensions to purchase #4357
* Fix – REST API collections schema #4377
* Fix – Monetary Advanced Filters in Customers Report with correct currency object prop. #4356
* Fix – In App purchase “back link” #4301
* Fix – Search results selectable by clicking on item text or icon #4474
* Fix – Filters’ static query parameters #4458
* Fix – The WCPay method not appearing as recommended sometimes #4345
* Fix – Removed URLSearchParams method #4501
* Fix – REST API collections schema. #4484
* Fix – null issue in wpNavMenuClassChange #4513 🎉 gradosevic
* Fix – RTL stylesheet loading for split code chunks. #4542
* Fix – Don’t show store location step in tax and shipping tasks if the address has already been provided #4507
* Fix – Check for enabled methods before payment task completion #4530
* Fix – Solved a problem with the method onChoose in the last onboarding step. #4583
* Fix – Only mark purchase task as complete when products exist #4574
* Fix – WCPay sometimes not appearing on the task list. #4647
* Fix – Fix inbox spacing. #4632
* Fix – Don’t include sourcemaps or unminified JS for “core” builds. #4642
* Fix – Add a bottom border to the Install Jetpack CTA. #4589
* Fix – Style cleanup from components update. #4606
* Fix – Check that the possibly_add_note function exists before calling it. #4680
* Fix – Remove unnecessary rest_api_init action that caused incompatibility issues with other plugins. #4691
* Fix – Fix dashboard task list menu placement. #4664
* Fix – Added styles to the unread notes counter in the inbox panel. #4690
* Fix – Fix spacing between stats overview and store management cards. #4681
* Fix – Added default value to the note icon. #4745
* Fix – Unnecessary REST API usage leading to potential overflow of Jetpack option sizes. #4755
* Dev – Add jest-dom eslint plugin. #4327
* Dev – Migrate onboarding data store to wp.data #4433
* Dev – Remove use of IconButton in favor of Button #4415
* Dev – Fix error handling for plugins on server error #4462
* Dev – update @wordpress/components and @wordpress/base*styles #4427
* Dev – Migrate user store to wp.data #4505
* Dev – Add options data store to wp.data #4144
* Dev – Runtime feature config override #4523
* Dev – Add deprecation notice for install_plugin() #4713
* Dev – Only load non-minified js files when SCRIPT_DEBUG is on, and env is development or plugin. #4747

WooCommerce Admin 1.2.4
* Tweak – reduce asset filename length and remove tilde characters. #4535
* Fix – RTL stylesheet loading for split code chunks. #4542

WooCommerce Blocks 2.7.1
* Fix – Use IE11 friendly code for Dashicon component replacement. #2708
* Fix – Fix PHP warnings produced by StoreAPI endpoints when variations have no prices. #2722
* Fix – Fix missing scoped variable in closure and missing schema definitions. #2724
* Fix – Fix undefined index notice for query_type on the product collection data endpoint. #2723

WooCommerce Blocks 2.7.0
* Enhancement – Filter block font sizes have been adjusted to be in line with other blocks. #2594
* Enhancement – The All Products block and the other product grid blocks now share more styles and the markup is more similar (see release post or docs to learn how to undo this change). #2428 [DN]
* Enhancement – The Cart and Checkout blocks now use the heading styles provided by the theme. #2597
* Enhancement – The Cart block titles have been merged into one. #2615
* Enhancement – The item count badges of the Checkout block have been updated so it looks better in light & dark backgrounds. #2619
* Enhancement – Checkout step progress indicator design has been updated to match the theme headings style. #2649
* Performance – Reduce bundlesize of blocks using @wordpress/components directly. #2664
* Fix – Fix bug in Checkout block preventing a retry of credit card payment when first credit card used fails and a new one is tried. #2655
* Fix – Avoid some theme style properties leaking into the Cart and Checkout select controls. #2647
* Fix – Fixes to the product grid blocks in Twenty Twenty: discounted prices are no longer underlined and the On Sale badge is correctly positioned in the All Products block. #2573
* Fix – Improved alignment of credit card validation error messages. #2662
* Fix – Show the ‘No shipping methods’ placeholder in the editor with the Checkout block if there are shipping methods but all of them are disabled. #2543

WooCommerce Blocks 2.6.1
* Fix – Updated the wc_reserved_stock table for compatibility with versions of MySql < 5.6.5. #2590

WooCommerce Blocks 2.6.0
* Enhancement – Add dropdown display style to Filter Products by Attribute block. #1255
* Enhancement – Add option to display a Filter button to Filter Products by Attribute block. #1332
* Enhancement – Add support for image for product categories block #1739
* Enhancement – An error notice will be shown in All Product if the customer is trying to add a product above stock or sold individually. #2278
* Performance – Improvements to REST API performance #2248
* Performance – Avoid loading Assets API during REST requests #2286
* Fix – Add placeholder to the on-sale products block when no results are found. #1519
* Fix – Added correct ellipsis character in Product Search block #1672
* Fix – If product is changed for featured product block, update the link in the button. #1894
* Fix – Import from @woocommerce/settings in @woocommerce/block-settings #2330
* Dev – Accessibility of the All Products block and filter blocks has been improved. #1656
* Dev – All Products Block: Update sorting labels to match frontend options #2462
* Dev – Change PropType validation for Icon component #1737
* Dev – Changed default rows and columns for product grid blocks to 3×3. #1613
* Dev – Check for instance of WP_Block in render_callback #2258
* Dev – Devs: ENABLE_REVIEW_RATING setting was renamed to REVIEW_RATINGS_ENABLED and now it also verifies reviews are enabled, to better match WooCommerce API. #1374
* Dev – Fix price filtering when stored prices do not match displayed prices (determined by tax settings). #1612
* Dev – HTML editing is no longer supported in several blocks. #1395
* Dev – Implement __experimentalCreateInterpolateElement for translations. #1736
* Dev – Load WooCommerce Core translations for ‘Sale!’ and some other strings if translations are unavailable for WooCommerce Blocks. #1694
* Dev – Prevent data hydration on REST requests #2176
* Dev – Show relationship between terms in the active filters block. #1630
* Dev – Table creation validation for install routine #2287
* Dev – Update the icons used in the blocks. #1644

See changelog for all versions.