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getSoapy offers a variety of services for window cleaners, including tools to help with quotes, payment and lead generation.
This plugging lets you easily embed all these services into your wordpress website.

Note: You’ll need a account

Cài đặt

Upload the getSoapy plugin to your blog and activate it.
Goto the general settings page and enter your getSoapy “business ID”.

The plugin includes two short codes:


Show the quote widget


Show the payment widget

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8 Tháng Sáu, 2021
I've been using getSoapy for a while and it's great to finally have a wordpress plugin for it!
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Automatically flush rewrite rules to ensure the domain verification route works.


Added support to completely disabling loading of stylesheets.
Moved settings into their own page under plugins


Added options to override the default widget styles and hidden certain fields.


Minor Changes


Initial release