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Dynamic Cloudinary

Mô tả

This WordPress plugin proxies all images and videos on a page through Cloudinary. It uses Cloudinary auto-upload functionality so Cloudinary uploads and serves images on the fly. This means you don’t have to upload anything to Cloudinary. Everything just works out of the box. Cloudinary also provides a powerful transformation API so you can modify and optimize images on the fly.
Pull requests are welcome on Github.

Note: This plugin requires a Cloudinary account to serve images. Please refer to Cloudinary terms of service and privacy policy.


For full documentation, questions, feature requests, and support concerning the Dynamic Cloudinary plugin, please refer to Github.

Cài đặt

See installation instructions on Github.

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Nhật ký thay đổi


  • Better process transformation arguments


  • Skip images that have the ?bypass_cloudinary parameter


  • Fix bug breaking relative/absolute urls


  • Docs and plugin settings link


  • Typo fix


  • Plugin released to .org