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ACF Views is the simplest way to display values from custom post fields anywhere on your site using shortcodes. This means you don’t need to write PHP code to get field values, and you don’t need to read documentation about field’s return formats.

The views are reusable and shortcodes can be pasted ANYWHERE that supports shortcodes (e.g. Gutenberg shortcode block) with ANY THEME and ANY PAGE BUILDER.

Important! ACF Views plugin requires an active Advanced Custom Fields PRO plugin.

How to use

  1. Setup Fields in your Advanced Custom Field Group
  2. Create an ACF View and select target fields (they can be from different field groups)
  3. Copy and paste the shortcode in the target place (like a page or post)
  4. Make sure the chosen fields are filled at the target object. By default, field values will be read from the current object where shortcode was pasted. To show another object’s data use the special shortcode argument (object-id).

That’s it! Now you can visit the frontend, your view will get field values properly (depending on a field type), and will automatically insert an HTML markup, that you can style with CSS (using assigned or built-in view classes).

Video review

Ảnh màn hình

  • Overview page
  • Demo import page
  • List of views
  • View field settings

Hỏi đáp

What field types are supported?

ACF Views currently supports the following field types (with all available return formats):

  • Basic
  1. Text
  2. Textarea
  3. Number
  4. Range
  5. Email
  6. Url
  7. Password
  • Content
  1. Image
  2. File
  3. Wysiwyg
  • Choice
  1. Select
  2. Checkbox
  3. Radio
  4. True_false
  • Jquery
  1. Date_picker
  2. Date_time_picker
  3. Time_picker
  4. Color_picker

Đánh giá

13 Tháng Sáu, 2022
Only one shortcode for all the fields you want to use, it just makes sense. It allowed me to add my bulletin message in my blog sidebar. Exactly what I needed.
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1.0.5 (2021-06-24):

  • Demo import feature

1.0.4 (2021-06-18):

  • Video review

1.0.3 (2021-06-09):

  • Readme

1.0.2 (2021-06-09):

  • Plugin’s version

1.0.1 (2021-06-09):

  • Screenshots, plugin’s version