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Mô tả

This plugin makes it easy to work with WordPress with-ought the errors messing up the layout as they are nicely hidden in a drop down panel. Also PHP Errors are only shown to the admin and won’t be visible to the general public. There options to send the admin an email informing him of an error that has occurred on the site. The plugin has options of intercepting Ajax errors and PHP errors generated during Javascript requests and saving them to be viewed for debugging.


  • Show PHP errors only to the admin and hide them from the general public
  • Prevents PHP errors from breaking the site by displaying them in a drop down panel
  • Report PHP site errors to the admin by email
  • Capture PHP errors generated during ajax or Javascript requests to be viewed for debugging.

Cài đặt

Upload the 0-Errors Plugin Base plugin to your blog and activate it. It would work as is.

Hỏi đáp

Is it compatible with latest WordPress?

Yes, it is, as well as with the latest PHP.

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