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Fix for Yoast SEO and qTranslate/qTranslateX

Mô tả

When using qTranslete or qTranslateX with Yoast SEO plugim it outputs all languanges in title. This plugin fix this. Only current languange will be outputed. It runs filter that wraps $title into __() and fixes Yoast SEO plugin that outputs all languanges at once in Title. I acctualy sugested to Joost to do this in his plugin (adding only 4 chars to file “class-frontend.php” at specific line), but he replied: “I wont support qTranslate, sorry. It abuses the translation API in ways that breaks other stuff.” Since it does not break stuff i made this extreemly simple plugin.

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  • Initial release


Readme Fix


Added filter for meta Description (Thanks to ProX666)


Readme and description fix


Name changed according to new plugins naming guidelines. (Thanks to Pippin Williamson)


Added function prefix fysq_ (Thanks to megamurmulis)


deleted old file grom repo….