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WPO365 | MS GRAPH MAILER provides you with a modern, reliable and efficient way to send WordPress transactional emails from one of your Microsoft 365 / Exchange Online / Mail enabled accounts.

The plugin re-configures your WordPress website to send emails using the Microsoft Graph API instead of – for example – SMTP. Sending WordPress emails using the Microsoft Graph API has become the only available alternative after Microsoft has disabled basic authentication (username and password) over the SMTP protocol.


  • Send WordPress transactional emails from one of your Microsoft 365 Exchange Online / Mail enabled accounts using Microsoft Graph instead of – for example – SMTP.


  • Send emails formatted as HTML.


  • Emails sent will be saved in the account’s mailbox in the Sent Items folder, further helping to track (successful) mail delivery.


  • Send files from your WordPress website as attachments.


  • Easy configuration with detailed step-by-step Getting started guide and video.
  • Send test email to recipients incl. CC, BCC and attachment.


The following features can be unlocked with the WPO365 | MAIL extension.


  • Log every email sent from your WordPress website, review errors and try to send unsuccessfully sent mails again.


  • Send emails as BCC instead and prevent reply-to-all mail pollution.


  • Configure a default reply-to mail address if this should differ from the account’s mail address that is used to send WordPress transactional emails from.


  • We have tested our plugin with WordPress >= 5.0 and PHP >= 5.6.40.
  • You need to be (Office 365) Tenant Administrator to configure both Azure Active Directory and the plugin.


We will go to great length trying to support you if the plugin doesn’t work as expected. Go to our Support Page to get in touch with us. We haven’t been able to test our plugin in all endless possible WordPress configurations and versions so we are keen to hear from you and happy to learn!


We are keen to hear from you so share your feedback with us on Twitter and help us get better!

Open Source

When you’re a developer and interested in the code you should have a look at our repo over at WordPress.

Ảnh màn hình

  • Configuration page
  • Mail audit log

Cài đặt

Please refer to these Getting started articles for detailed installation and configuration instructions.

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5 Tháng Sáu, 2022
Just installed this plugin to connect my WP site to office 365 and it works perfectly! It has an easy to understand manual to set everything as needed. Thank you very much!
23 Tháng Năm, 2022
This was the first plugin that actually works fully through 365, but was surprised to see they want $49 to send in html. I know they need to fund the plugin, but seems an odd restriction to put in place.
19 Tháng Tư, 2022
I decided to add a little more security instead of using protocols IMAP /Pop3, and to my rescue came this application, It's very easy to set up and combined with conditional access it adds the layer of security I need. Further, the communication between the developers is exceptional. I can wholehearted recommend it.
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  • Fix: If the plugin is configured to send WordPress emails using Microsoft Graph then it will now always replace the “from” email address if WordPress tries to sent emails from “wordpress@[sitename]”. WordPress will propose this email address is no email is set by the plugin sending the email (e.g. Contact Form 7). This email may pass checks as a valid email address but in reality this email address most likely does not exist. The option to fix the “localhost” issue has been removed since this fix improves the behavior for all hosts (incl. localhost). [ALL]


  • Improvement: When specified in – for example – an email form the “From” address will be used to send the email from (instead of the configured “From” address and if the address specified in the form appears to be valid). This behavior is a premium feature and not enabled by default.


  • Change: Sending mail as HTML is no longer a premium feature.
  • Change: Saving a sent mail in the Sent Items folder is no longer a premium feature.
  • Improvement: The Graph Mailer components have been refactored for improved logging / auditing.
  • Fix: Sending a test email with attachment is now supported by all versions.
  • Fix: The plugin will not try and send attachments larger than 3 Mb (the prevent the mail being refused by the Microsoft Graph API).


  • Fix: Several issues related to PHP 8.x have been fixed.


  • Updated README.txt


  • Improvement: The plugin will now honor a reply-to email address defined “externally” e.g. when using Contact Form 7.
  • Fix: Activating the plugin would case a critical error due to a class-loading error.


  • Fix: Compatibility update.


  • Fix: Some minor code issues were fixed after review.


  • Initial version.