WPC Variations Radio Buttons for WooCommerce

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WPC Variations Radio Buttons for WooCommerce is a blowing hit designed especially for helping store owners bring about a more visitor-friendly interface. When it comes to choosing an option from variable products, customers now don’t have to click on each option or browse from the drop down list in order to attain product info. By adding radio buttons, all variations and all attributes will be shown at one screen only. Making decisions now is a task of much less effort now to your visitors.

Live demo

Visit our live demo here to see how this plugin works.


  • Four types of interface available: HTML tag, Select2, ddSlick & Radio Buttons (default)
  • Easy to switch between different interfaces
  • Choose to display image, price, or stock status of variations.
  • Combine all attributes/variation into one screen display
  • Compatible with all WP themes, WooCommerce & WPClever plugins
  • WPML compatible – it’s possible to build multilingual sites


Available languages: English (Default), Czech, French

If you have created your own language pack, or have an update for an existing one, you can send gettext PO and MO file to us so we can bundle it into WPC Variations Radio Buttons.

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Cài đặt

  1. Please make sure that you installed WooCommerce
  2. Go to plugins in your dashboard and select “Add New”
  3. Search for “WPC Variations Radio Buttons”, Install & Activate it
  4. Go to WPClever > Variations Radio Buttons to change settings

Đánh giá

19 Tháng Tám, 2020
Every plugin are useless in front of it which provide swatches Also it provide many feature in free, just one thing needed here:- color swatches almost very nice
5 Tháng Bảy, 2020
So if I have a t-shirt, and I have it in blue, red and yellow, but each color has a different size, let's say L and M, with this plugin I can only show each color with one default size. If the default size is M, customer can't choose an L T-shirt. Only useful if you have ONE variation per product, such as color.
4 Tháng Năm, 2020
I was looking for something to change the horrible default look of the variations when I use Elementor to customize the product page and this plugin gives it a much better look. I use this plugin with 3 other plugins and it's compatible and working well with all of them: - The Elementor Page building - The official WooCommerce Product Addons plugin - Role Based Price For WooCommerce (a free plugin available on the WP plugin repository) So far, I haven't had any performance or incompatibility issues. Thank you
9 Tháng Mười Hai, 2019
I use it and it works very well. Good luck!
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Nhật ký thay đổi


  • Fixed: Some minor JS issues
  • Updated: Compatible with WooCommerce 4.7.0


  • Updated: Compatible with WooCommerce 4.6.1


  • Updated: Compatible with WooCommerce 4.6.0
  • Updated: Optimized the code


  • Fixed: Some minor CSS & JS issues


  • Updated: Optimized the code


  • Updated: Compatible with WordPress 5.5 & WooCommerce 4.3.3


  • Fixed: Show the settings tab for the variable product only
  • Added: data-availability to compatible with WPC Plugins


  • Updated: Compatible with WordPress 5.4.2 & WooCommerce 4.3.0


  • Added: French translation (Thanks to Florian B)
  • Updated: Optimized the code


  • Fixed: Display both radio buttons and default attributes dropdown
  • Added: Czech translation (Thanks to Jan Baďura)


  • Try to fix “Update Failed: Download failed. Not Found”


  • Fixed: Select default variation on page load


  • Added: data-sku
  • Fixed: Compatible with WPC Frequently Bought Together


  • Fixed: Compatible with WPC plugins


  • Added: Custom name for each variation
  • Fixed: Activate for WPC plugins only


  • Fixed: Variation’s image


  • Fixed: Compatible with WPC Product Bundles
  • Added: Filter hooks: woovr_data_attributes_option_none, woovr_data_attributes


  • Updated: Compatible with WordPress 5.4 & WooCommerce 4.0.1


  • Added: Option to show variation description
  • Added: Filter hooks: woovr_variation_image, woovr_variation_name, woovr_variation_price, woovr_variation_availability, woovr_variation_description


  • Fixed: Hide default variations selector immediately on page load


  • Fixed: Minor JS issue


  • Added: Option to enable “Choose an option”


  • Added: Option to enable for WPC plugins only


  • Updated: Optimized the code


  • Fixed: Compatible with other WPC plugins


  • Updated: Optimized the code


  • Added: Option to hide unpurchasable variation
  • Added: Show stock status on dropdown


  • Fixed: Default variation


  • Updated: Compatible with WordPress 5.3 & WooCommerce 3.8.x


  • Fixed: Minor JS issue


  • Added: Option to change the variation name


  • Added: Select2 selector interface


  • Fixed: Compatible with WPC Smart Quick View


  • Fixed: Default variation


  • Fixed: Load ddslick library


  • Updated: Compatible with other WPC plugins


  • Updated: Optimized the code


  • Released