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This plugin uses hooks in the opposite way most plugins do. You add do_action where you want to do some logging and this plugin will save it to the database only when active.

Log Activity

This plugin now logs plugin activity (when activated, deactivated, deleted, updated, installed), when wordpress is updated, and when functions are used wrong or deprecated.


do_action( 'wp_log_info', 'So far ok', 'Details of what is ok.' );
if ( $something_bad_happened ) {
    do_action( 'wp_log_error', 'This Happened!', 'Details of what happened.' );

See Tools->Logs to view, delete, and export the logs on the admin side. Only users with the manage_options capability will have access.

This plugin automatically logs deprecated and doing_it_wrong errors. The rest is what you add to your code.

You can log what functions will be run for a specific action or filter. For example if you want to see what runs in the ‘init’ hook:

function check_init_hook() {
    do_action( 'wp_log_debug_hook', 'init' );
add_filter( 'init', 'check_init_hook', 0 );

The following are the different levels of logging to add to your code. You can use any level how you see fit, the descriptions of each level are just guidelines.


System is unusable
do_action( ‘wp_log_emergency’, $label, $message );


Action must be taken immediately.
do_action( ‘wp_log_alert’, $label, $message );


Critical conditions.
do_action( ‘wp_log_critical’, $label, $message );


Runtime errors that do not require immediate action but should typically be logged and monitored.
do_action( ‘wp_log_error’, $label, $message );


Exceptional occurrences that are not errors.
do_action( ‘wp_log_warning’, $label, $message );


Normal but significant events.
do_action( ‘wp_log_notice’, $label, $message );


Interesting events.
do_action( ‘wp_log_info’, $label, $message );


Detailed debug information.
do_action( ‘wp_log_debug’, $label, $message );

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Fixed timezone error.
Fixed PHP warnings.


Added automatic deleting of logs based on options.
By default, logs will be deleted 12 months after its created. Existing users need to re-save their settings or reactivate the plugin.


Added logging when plugin and core are updated.


Fixed silly microsoft bug by making the ID column name lower case in export. Thanks to @clratliff for letting me know!


Fixed exporting of logs.


Updated delete to use POST instead of GET.
Fixed pages displaying all rows instead of just 25 rows.


Fixed search losing parameters when going to the next page on view log screen.


Added Export Results option in Bulk Actions.


Fix option name not defined.


Fix css and js not loading.
Add options page.


Change default order of table to descending.
Print arrays so it’s readable even though it’s ugly.
Update readme.


Initial release.