WP Live TV – Worldwide Live TV Channels Player for WordPress

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WP Live TV is a Plugin for WordPress to create a Worldwide TV Station Channel Directory Website.
You Can Add and Play Unlimited Live TV Video Stream Link Such as: Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Souncloud or Self Hosted Videos.

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  • Import Channels – (You can import more than 500+ channels from all over the world)
  • Add Unlimited Channels – (You can add unlimited channel with TV channel Logo, Categories, Description, Youtube Channel Link, Website Link).
  • Multiple Video Sources Supported – (You can play Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Souncloud and Self Hosted Videos)
  • M3U8 stream link supports – (.m3u8 extension stream can be played)
  • Channel Search – (Users can search/ filter channels using country, category and channel’s name)
  • Channel Autoplay – Control the channel autoplay behaviour.
  • Channel Archive Shortcode – ([wptv_listing] – Display the channel archive listing)
  • Featured Channel Shortcode – ([wptv_featured] – Display the featured channels)
  • Country List Shortcode – ([wptv_country_list] – Display all the countries of the TV channels)

How To Use

After activating the plugin you can see a new menu TV Channels added to the admin sidebar menu panel.

Then you need to import tv channels from the Import Channels page or add new TV channels from Add New Channel menu.

In the Add New Channel page you need to add a channel by entering Channel name as Title, Description of the Channel, Channel Logo as featured image, channel video link, channel youtube and website link, Channel country and categories.

After adding the new channel you can view the new channel with a formatted design with a video player to play the channel live video in the single page.

You can list all the channels that you have added, in any page using the [wptv_listing] shortcode, Channels also can be listed by country and categories.

Users can search any channel by the channel name, category and country by using the search bar of the channel archive listing page.


After installing and activating the plugin successfully, The next step is to import the tv channels.

To import the tv channels, you need to click the Import Channels submenu under the TV Channels main menu in your WordPress sidebar admin menu.

Add New Channel

You can add unlimited TV channels. For adding a new TV channel navigate to TV Channels > Add New Channel. On the Add New Channel page you need to fill some field to add a channel properly.

  1. Channel Title – You need to enter the channel name as title.
  2. Description – Add some description about the channel.
  3. Category – Select the related category for the channel. Like: Entertainment, New etc.
  4. Country – Select the country for the channel.
  5. Channel Logo – Use the featured image as the channel logo.
  6. Channel Video Link – Enter the video link for the channel. You can enter Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Soundcloud or self hosted video link.
  7. Featured Channel – Use the switch to featured the channel. Later you can display the featured channel by using the[wptv_featured] shortcode.
  8. Channel Website – Enter the website URL of the channel.
  9. Youtube Channel – Enter the youtube channel link.


The Plugin provides 4 Shortcodes.

  • [wptv_listing] – Use this shortcode in a page for listing the channels. This shortcode supports country && category attributes where you can pass comma separated country code and category.
    Example: [wptv_listing country="us, ru, bd" category="rock,news"]

  • [wptv_country_list] – Display all the channels countries. There is no attribute for this shortcode.

  • [wptv_featured] – Display all the featured TV channels. This shortcode supports 3 (count, country, col) attributes.
    Example: [wptv_featured count="12" country="germany" col="4"]

  • [wptv_channel] – Display a single TV channel player. This shortcode required an id attribute. The id attribute is the id of the channel.
    Example: [wptv_channel id="9"]


  • Select Archive Page – On the Select Archive Page settings field you have to choose the archive page for the tv channels. You have to put the [wptv_listing] shortcode on the page.
  • Channel Autoplay – Control the channel autoplay.
  • Show Description – You can change whether the channel description show on the channel listing.
  • Show Search Field – You can change whether the channel search bar show on the archive page.
  • Show Related Channels – You can change whether the related channels show on the channel single page.
  • Show Prev/ Next – You can change whether the previous/ next channel arrows show on the channel single page.


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Ảnh màn hình

  • TV Channels Import
  • Channels Archive Page
  • Channel Single Page
  • WP TV Gutenberg Block
  • WP TV Elementor Widget


This plugin provides 1 block.

TV Channel

Hỏi đáp

How do I get the id of a channel?

Follow the below steps to get the ID of a channel.
1. Go to the all channels page from the admin dashboard > TV Channels
2. Hover over any channel, then you can see a edit link. Then Hover over the edit link.
3. Then you can see the edit link of the channel. In the URL you can see post number. The post number is the ID of the channel.
4. For more details see the image: http://webradiodirectory.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/get-wptv-channel-id.png

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  • New: Added autoplay settings
  • New: Added country list shortcode
  • New: Added wptv_featured shortcode
  • New: Added TV channel player shortcode
  • Fix: Fixed the no working settings field


  • Add wptv_country_list shortcode
  • Add archive listing layout settings
  • Add watch live button
  • Add iframe video support
  • Add TV Channel Gutenberg Block
  • Add TV Channel Elementor Widget


  • Initial release