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WP e-Commerce Cross Sales (Also Bought)

Mô tả

This plugin displays cross sales in WP e-Commerce. It provides the same functionality as in earlier versions of WP e-Commerce plus a little bit more.

Doesn’t do anything yet but will replace the current WP e-Commerce ‘also bought’ functionality in version 3.9+

New features include:

  • Option to set cross sale image sizes.
  • Remove hardcoded styling so it’s easier to style via css.
  • Improved code structure.

PS: You’ll obviously need WP e-Commerce installed for this to do anything 😉

Cài đặt

Upload the plugin and activate it.

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Nhật ký thay đổi


  • Update cross_sales() and wpsc_submit_checkout() based on current WPEC code.
  • Set default options.
  • Don’t use theme file for better compatibility – WPEC doesn’t at the moment. Maybe later.
  • Update compatibility messages.


  • Output using WP_Query().
  • Get also bought products instead of product variations with latest WPEC 3.9 dev.
  • Only show admin notice on plugins page if WPEC not installed or older version.


  • Require WPEC 3.9+
  • Use wpsc_cross_sales() instead of wpsc_also_bought() – although it will still work for the time being.
  • Add support for languages (.pot file not populated yet though)
  • Added in options to set image size and populate default option values on install.
  • Remove hardcoded styling.
  • Moved code to being class-based.