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WP Advanced Include

Mô tả

WP Advanced Include creates an [include] shortcode which can be used to add content from any Post or Page on your site including Post Content, Post Excerpt and Post Meta

Shortcode Attributes:

content_id = [int] The id of the post or page you wish to include content from.
content_limit = [int] Limits the content if required, set to a value less than 1 to remove limiting – Default 0
content_limit_type [“words”|”chars”] Sets the content limit to be words or characters – Default “words”
content_limit_append [string|empty string] Text to be appended to the end of the content if limited – Default “&hellip”
content_type [post_content|post_excerpt|post_title|”meta name”] The content type to be included, if meta name, specify meta name. – Default “post_content”
do_shortcode [true|false] Specify whether to parse shortcodes of not – Default “true”


The use of [include] to include itself with do_shortcode set to true will create an infinite loop, use wisely.


simple include of post content
[include content_id=x]

include first 50 words of post content
[include content_id=x content_limit=50]

include first 150 characters of post content
[include content_id=x content_limit=150 content_limit_type=chars]

*include “custom_meta_name” meta from post X
[include content_id=x content_type=”custom_meta_name”]

Cài đặt

  1. Download the plugin to your computer
  2. Extract the contents
  3. Upload (via FTP) to a sub folder of the WordPress plugins directory
  4. Activate the plugin in the admin dashboard.

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