WooCommerce Bookings Extensions

Mô tả

Adds or replaces functionality in the WooCommerce Bookings plugin.

This plugin adds the short code wcbooking_search which generates a form with a duration and possibly persons selection field

wcbooking_search duration_unit=”{month|day|hour|minute}” duration=”” [method=”{include|exclude}” ids=””]

You can link bookable products together. If you are booking out rooms in a house separately or the whole house.

Use the shortcode [wcbooking_calendar] to add a calendar to the page. If used on a product page the product id is automatically added.

List of possible views:
* dayGridMonth – Month view
* timeGridWeek – Time grid of the week
* timeGridDay – Time grid of the day
* resourceTimeGridDay – Day time grid separated by resource
* listWeek – List of events for the week
* title – Day/Month or Week title

Cài đặt

  1. Upload contents of woocommerce-bookings-extensions.zip to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

Hỏi đáp

Why doesn’t Adjacent Buffering work?

By enabling this plugin it disables the adjacent buffering feature.

Why doesn’t my global search shortcode work?

Check your parameters passed to the shortcode ex. [wcbooking_search duration_unit=”minute” duration=”60″]
This will only search through bookings that has a duration unit of 60 minutes.
The search shortcode cannot be used on the same page as a product booking.

How do I display the booking webpage?

The current and upcoming booking display page can be accessed by using the following pattern:
Where is the hostname of the server.
and is the urlencoded username and password respectively of a user that has permission to view all bookings.
is the ID of the product as can be seen while hovering over the product name in the “All products” list
Eg. https://example.com/fetch?username=user%40domain.com&password=p%4055w0rd%5C%21&product_id=900

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Nhật ký thay đổi


  • Fixed compatibility with PHP up to 8.1


  • Add: Missing files in previous release.


  • Add: User can now select their own calendar color in the user profile section.


  • Add: Show payment method in All Bookings table.
  • Fix: Rendering of background events.
  • Fix: Color keys for events list in Full Calendar.


  • Add: Show payment method in bookings list.


  • Add: Show status of booking in full calendar view.
  • Fix: Don’t add color key item if event is external.
  • Fix: Show external events as black text of beige background.


  • Fixed: Loads jquery before full calendar view.


  • Add: Loading indicator for full calendar.
  • Add: Color keys shown at top of full calendar to show who make the booking.
  • Add: User is now blocked from making double bookings.


  • Bugfix: wcbooking_overview would hang while filling the booked dates.


  • Update: Added new options to wcbooking_calendar shortcode.


  • Update: Moved js files out of assets directory.
  • Update: Improved layouts for new bookings.


  • New: You can now hide bookings in the calendar view by category.


  • Fix: Check if ics file was downloaded successfully before saving.


  • New: Added support for external ical file. Useful for adding public holidays.
  • New: Added colors to booking states.
  • New: Administrators can create or modify their bookings from the calendar view.


  • New: Added interactive calendar. Uses the fullcalendar.io JS libraries.


  • Fix: Check for WooCommerce activation.


  • Fix: Current and upcoming bookings not displaying correctly.


  • Fix: Check that check in date does not fall before an unbookable date.


  • Fix: Passing data from global search broke calendar.


  • New: Transfer options from global search to product page


  • New: Added new admin option for overriding block costs for specific days


  • New: In the admin calendar view for the day show more details than just the order number.


  • Fix: Global search form would be blocked without ajax query being sent


  • New: Added global route to show a page for upcoming bookings


  • Fix: Linked products field in admin section has missing bookable products from options list