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Wiwitness Testimonials

Mô tả

With Wiwitness you will get:

  1. single central dashboard to control testimonial approval, prioritization and displaying.

  2. tools help you in collecting verifiable testimonials quickly, easily, painlessly and systematically.

  3. widgets on your website that enable prospects to verify testimonials in real time and make them want to buy from you.

  4. RWD business page with testimonials to increase your website quality score on search engines.

This is an offical Wiwitness plugin which lets you embed the Javascript integration code in to your pages without editing templates. Install the plugin once. No need to change or write a single line of code to make it work. Ever!

More on Wiwitness here – .


Take an online demo of wordpress with Wiwitness integration – .


  • Customizable Widgets. Widget height, number of testimonials in a widget, font size in testimonial are customizable.
  • Testimonial types. Define the type of the testimonials to be shown in given widget. It can be single testimonial, recent testimonials or starred testimonials.
  • Email notification. When you receive new testimonial, you will be informed with an email.
  • Upload Testimonials. You can upload testimonials to Wiwitness. It will be verified by Wiwitness team, after approval it can be displayed to public. You will be notified with an email after approval.
  • Business page. Your business profile page with all the testimonials you have collected and approved. You can collect socially verifiable testimonials from your page.
  • Page SEO. Your business page is with full SEO to be ranked high with search engines.
  • Responsive Web Design. Your business page is built with RWD* technology for optimial viewing experience across all devices.
  • Brand Logo. Use your own company’s logo on your business page.
  • Account Management. Fully automated account management. No hassles. Cancel or upgrade at anytime online.
  • Dashboard. You can manage your testimonials, widgets and business pages in a single dashboard.
  • Support. All subscription plans come with free email support. We will respond to all questions.


Contact us for any kind of support. We assure you of a quick revert.

Ảnh màn hình

  • Increase conversion rate with Wiwitness.
  • Collecting verifiable testimonials.
  • Create customize and get widget key.
  • Add widget key to plugin.
  • Sample of verifiable testimonial widget.
  • Public page to attract organic visitors to your website.

Cài đặt

  1. Upload the wiwitness testimonials plugin to your wordpress site and activate it.
  2. Sign up with Wiwitness and get Wiwitness widget keys.
  3. Place [wiwitness id=WIWITNESS_WIDGET_KEY] as shortcode or use the widget section.

1, 2, 3: You’re done!

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