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Plugin Name: ManyChat Widget Planner

Mô tả

This plugin enables a ManyChat widget to run at certain times, or turn
them on/off. After installing the plugin, you will find a new link in
your settings called “ManyChat Inclusion”. In this section you can paste
your main Manychat Javascript code.

Easily turn your Widget on or off, or only run it during certain times.


It’s free, no donations needed.
We’re happy to work on your projects though. If you need help with ManyChat, please send us a message.

Cài đặt

Install plugin and add your ManyChat Javascript in the settings section.
Activate your Widgets at

Hỏi đáp

None, yet.
If you have a feature request, please send a message.

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  • Added more options for time inclusion


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