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Webpushr is the new standard in web push notifications. With Webpushr, you can send browser push notifications to your site visitors across all browsers. Your visitors receive these notifications even when they are not on your site. It only takes a few minutes to install. Both HTTP & HTTPS WordPress sites are supported.

Once you have set it up, your site visitors will start seeing opt-in message to receive web push notifications from you. Once they have opted in, you can send them push messages anytime you want.

You can configure the plugin to automatically send push notification to your subscribers any time you publish a new post. You can also also view your subscriber count and useful user reports (such as browser & device type) right from the plugin.

Webpushr also offers advanced features such as user segmentation, advanced user analytics, customizable opt-in prompts & conversion tracking from Webpushr Web Console.

Webpushr’s free plan (generous limit of 60,000 users) offers all plugin features such as dashboard views, subscriber logs, notification stats and automatically triggered push notifications (anytime you publish a post) for completely free. Contact support@webpushr.com if you have any questions. We are here to help and answer most queries during the same business day.


Webpushr is the new standard in web push notifications. We are trusted by thousands of developers & marketers in small to large Fortune 500 companies from around the world for their push notification needs.


  • Supports Chrome (Desktop & Android), Safari (Mac OS X), Microsoft Edge (Desktop & Android), Opera (Desktop & Android) and Firefox (Desktop & Android) web browsers.

  • Supports both HTTP & HTTPS sites.

  • Automatic Notifications – Automatically send notifications to visitors every time you publish a new post.

  • Subscriber Stats – You can see a summarized dashboard view of your subscribers inside the plugin. The dashboard shows total subscriber count, device type, OS type & Opt-in rate.

  • User Segmentation – Divide your audience into segments based on geo locations, interests, page visits, custom attributes & custom events to send highly personalized push notifications.

  • Subscriber Data Enhancement – Add your CRM data such as e-mail, phone number, full name to each subscriber. This enables you to send push messages to a specific user.

  • Event-Triggered Notifications – Automatically send a pre-defined notification when an event (such as a new sign-up or purchase) on your site is triggered.

  • Opt-In Prompt Customization – You can configure when and how to ask your site visitors to opt-in to web push notifications. You can also customize the prompt styling. We offer multiple styles to choose from.

  • Scheduled Notifications – You can schedule notifications to be sent at a later time.

  • Emoji & Large Image Support – You can make your messages more engaging and “clickable” by adding emojis & images.

Ảnh màn hình

  • Webpushr Dashboard View
  • Configure Automatic Push Notifications
  • Push Message Stats
  • Enable elegant and highly customizable opt-in prompts for your site
  • Enable elegant and highly customizable opt-in prompts for your site
  • Enable elegant and highly customizable opt-in prompts for your site
  • Enable elegant and highly customizable opt-in prompts for your site
  • Easy Setup
  • Troubleshoot integration issues with our automated troubleshooter

Cài đặt

  1. Install Webpushr from the WordPress.org plugin directory or by uploading the Webpushr plugin folder to your wp-content/plugins directory.
  2. Activate the Webpushr plugin from your WordPress settings dashboard.
  3. Follow the instructions on the Setup page.

Hỏi đáp

I am currently using a different plugin to enable web push notifications on my site. How can I move my subscribers from my current plugin to Webpushr?

After you have successfully integrated Webpushr to your site, your previously subscribed users from the old web push service provider (such as OneSignal, etc.) will be automatically re-subscribed to Webpushr once they return to your site. Your previously subscribed users will NOT see opt-in prompt during re-subscription – it will happen silently & automatically.

Is Webpushr really free?

Webpushr is completely free and will remain forever-free for up to 60000 (60K) subscribers. No credit card or any form of payment method is required as long as your total number of subscribers remain less than 60000 (60K).

Do you offer any custom prompt types?

Webpushr offers a variety of custom prompt types. You can customize text, color, logo and behavior on a variety of custom prompt types.

Will Webpushr show any type of Webpushr Branding such as “Powered by Webpushr” on my site if I use Webpushr Plugin?

Webpushr does NOT show any Webpushr branding on any prompt types. It is a 100% white label solution.

Will Webpushr sell my data to advertisers or any third party companies?

Your trust is the most important thing to us and we NEVER have and NEVER will sell any data for any reason what so ever. Our goal is to be the world’s best and most trusted platform for web push notifications.

Đánh giá

5 Tháng Sáu, 2020
I was a OneSignal user for a couple of years paying around $110 per month. I changed to WebPushr because it is - in my opinion - a more flexible tool AND way cheaper. I was an early adopter and when I pointed out a couple of issues, I got a near instant response and fix. I'd recommend WebPushr to anyone considering alternatives.
19 Tháng Tư, 2020
Forget to the OneSignal... this plugin is way more better and with faster and compact code, so it will not slow down your site (tested) 🙂 They also have an amazing support. Thank you for your amazing work, guys!
19 Tháng Tư, 2020
I have been using the plugin ever since One Signal begins to fail me. It is the best choice I've made as the price is much more affordable for the volume of push that we're sending out. Not only that, but support and new features are also quick to roll in. Support is also extremely open to new feedback and suggestion. I believe that Webpushr is first of its class with similar or better features than other known push plugins. Give Webpushr a try!
18 Tháng Tư, 2020
They emailed me with a comparison with OneSignal plugin. Yes, it's true that the price is lower than OneSignal. But it doesn't work on Multisite configuration. There are not support available on website and WordPress support is also too much delayed.
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Nhật ký thay đổi


  • Added UTM Parameter and optimized codebase


  • Removed a bug that was causing activation failure


  • Optimized code snippet that is added to pages to show prompt


  • Added a new setting option to disable automatic integration & enable manual integration


  • Updated API Endpoint. All users must update soon.


  • Added Notification Auto-Hide as a setting.


  • Fixed bugs associated with push notifications not getting sent out for non-English languages.


  • Fixed bugs associated with push notifications getting sent out on quick-edit of post.


  • Improved support for 3rd party visual editors. Plugin will automatically remove short codes.
  • Configuration/Settings page of plugin can now only be seen by Admins.
  • Plugin will now prompt user to select atleast one segment if none are selected in Plugin Settings.


  • Added support for 3rd Party Editors & WordPress Android App.


  • Fixed a bug associated with push notifications not fetching post content correctly.


  • Fixed a bug associated with push notifications not getting sent out for scheduled posts


  • Moved location of Service Worker file from root directory to Plugin’s directory.
  • Push notification support for WooCommerce Add Product Event


  • Fixed a reporting related bug


  • Improved support for sending post images as part of push notifications


  • Updated CDN path for better performance


  • Updated styling


  • Fixed a bug associated with dashboard view


  • Added new dashboard views


  • Updated CDN url for better performance


  • Fixed a bug associated with auto post.


  • Added ability to send push notifications on post update (when an existing post is republished).
  • Added ability to configure automatic post settings.


  • The Webpushr JS file was previously added to the header. Starting 1.0.1, the JS file is added to the footer in order to optimize page render time.


  • Initial release of the plugin