WebOnMo – Website Online Monitor Uptime

Mô tả

Very basic and simple plugin to monitor uptime. Performance monitoring is done from external servers. Operating status is displayed in WordPress and can also be viewed (in more detail) on the external server. The user will get an email when the website is down.

Ảnh màn hình

  • Here (on the service website) you can see all the checks that has been performed on your website. You see response time and http response (where for example 200 is ok).
  • Here (on the service website) you can see the current status of your website. You can see the number of errors in the last 24 hours here.
  • Here (on your WordPress dashboard) you can see the current status of your website.

Cài đặt

WebOnMo can be installed by uploading the zip file or install it from the plugin repository inside the WordPress admin. Once installed, click ’Activate Plugin’ to finish the installation.

After installing and activating the plugin, got to ’Settings -> WebOnMo Plugin’ and follow step 1-4 to connect to the (external) monitoring service.

NOTE: This plugin uses external servers to check your website uptime, since if your site is down we could not detect it if your own server were to check your own website. Registering at webonmo.com is therefore required.

Hỏi đáp

What does this plugin do?

It will monitor your website to see if it responds. You will get an email if it does not respond correct or to slow.

Do you perform checks from different parts of the world?

No. Currently all checks are done from one location.

Will it always be free?

The basic version will probably always be free.

I have a question, how can I contact you?

Please use the contact form on our website https://webonmo.com

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