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Webmaster.Net SEO Post Quality Analyzer – Quickly Find Low Quality Posts

Mô tả

Writing is an art, it requires a creative approach, but there are many strategies you can follow to come up with high-quality posts over and over again. If you want to boost your SEO traffic, you should
make sure your posts are of a certain quality, for example best practice is to have multiple headlines, multiple images, a word count higher than 500 and you should FREQUENTLY update your articles to keep them relevant
and rank high in the search engines.

Some article characteristics we check

  • Word Count
  • Number Of Headlines
  • Number Of Images
  • Number Of Paragraphs
  • When was the article last updated?

Update Low Quality Posts, Gain Organic Traffic

I published a lot of low quality articles over the years with poor results. My most popular articles all met certain criteria – and it’s not exactly rocket science, all you need is a good strategy, work hard,
and do your homework. People will dig your content and you get more organic traffic. With this plugin you can quickly find low-quality posts, update them and even keep track of your progress via tidy Excel files.
This will help you to get more traffic in the long run.

SEO: Define Low Quality, Medium Quality, High Quality

In the plugin settings you can define what you consider low, medium and high quality. Some examples you can copy and paste:

  • Word Count: Low 300, Medium 400, Optimal 600+
  • Image Count: Low 0, Medium 1, Optimal 3+
  • Headline Count: Low 0, Medium 2, Optimal 3+
  • Paragraphs Count: Low 3, Medium 5, Optimal 7+
  • Freshness (Last Updated): 40, 100, 365+

Future Versions

Planned for future versions are additional post criteria and CSV colors, formatting

Further Reading

For more info, check out the following articles and videos:

Support Forums

For user discussions and support visit our product support forums at

Ảnh màn hình

  • The Quality Assurance Review Panel
  • The Settings Panel, Customize Values

Cài đặt

This will help you to correctly install the plugin

  1. Upload post-analyzer to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Verify that your server has the correct permissions. Usually nobody:nobody or www-data:www-data need to own the public_html folder in order to move the wp-config.php to a more secure location

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3 Tháng Chín, 2016
Plugin gets stuck in analyzing posts forever. Never shows any results. Also, crashing website every time you try to deactivate it. Keep away!!
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