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Weather Widget – Esotanc Weather

Mô tả

Multilingual widget (Hungarian, English). Shows weather forecasts for the next five days for any location – with three beautiful built-in design, custom styles and with any size you want! (72px-.. ). You can find your weather forecast location here:


  • Present the weather forecast in your sidebar
  • Weather available for nearly any location in the world
  • Weather texts in english, hungarian, but easy customization for any languages
  • Customizable Layout – different size: 72px to any you want.
  • One to Five Day Forecast
  • Working with Yahoo weather forcast system
  • Based on GFS (Global Forecast Sytem (USA)

The screenshot section will show you the variability of layouts / Images and settings!

Ảnh màn hình

  • 300px wide and color-style five-day weather forecast
  • 300px wide and white-style five-day weather forecast
  • 300px wide and black-style five-day weather forecast
  • Control Panel

Cài đặt

New Installation:
Extract the files to your plugin directory (should be /wp-content/plugins).

Enable the Plugin and configure it in the Widget Area!
You can install it using the Plugin Installation feature in WP as well!

Customize it afterwards in your Widget Area! Read the following:
1. Firstly, you have to find the nearest forecast location, here:
2. Enter your city name (you may enter your country name as well, then you ought to choose the capical city)
3. Choose the size of the widget (from 72px)
4. Choose one of the weather design style (color/black/white or custom design)
5. Choose the language. If you want to customize the language file you only have to change the name of the month- and dayname! Easy!

You are ready! Save the weather widget!

Hỏi đáp

Is there a detailed reference manual coming with the widget?
It is very easy. All you have to know about customizing and setting the widget is written in the manual. But if you need additional information write in the support.

Can I change the weather icon set?
Of course. Search the web, or draw your own icons and overwrite the default iconset. The deafault icon size is 57x57px

Can I change the weather background?
Yes, you can. The deafult height is 230px. You can overwrite it, in the img library

Does the widget slow down my side? How can I prevent this?
The weather forecast of a given location normally doesnt change fastly. I built in a cache in the plugin.
This helps in two things: The server of doesnt have to handle too many quests for weather data and your site should speed up a little bit, because your user will see the cached data!

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