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Add like buttons with total likes to all products within your WooCommerce store – just like on social networks. Users can then click to like a product from the product page, category page and more. Users can view their previous likes when browsing your store and through their account, you can enable likes for users who aren’t logged in too.


Product like buttons and total likes and comments are shown on the product page and on each product in an archive page (e.g. product category).

What About Users Who Aren’t Logged In?

For users who aren’t logged in their likes will count towards the product’s like total and their likes will remain visible when they visit your store until their cookie expires or is deleted.

Ảnh màn hình

  • Shop page
  • Single product page

Cài đặt

  1. Install the extension
  2. View your store, you’ll see product like buttons and cooments on product pages and/or product archive pages
  3. Total likes show once a product has 1 or more likes

Hỏi đáp

Can I disable the comment option

No, currently we are working on this feature.

Will this plugin cause any problem with WordPress update process?

Not at all! It will cause no problem with WordPress update process.

After plugin update do I need to do anything?


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