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Wallkit Subscriptions & Paywall Plugin for WordPress

Mô tả

Wallkit is the most progressive paid-content system out in the market today. This versatile technological platform handles content access control, billing and administrative functions for membership-based content publishers.

Wallkit software integrates seamlessly across WordPress users’ websites and your other platforms like Hubspot, Mailchimp and Stripe.

This easy-to-install and lightning-fast system connects with Wallkit server to bring content protection, subscriber management, sign up/sign in, member-CRM plus access to analytics features.

It’s free to use. Simply sign up for a Wallkit account once you’ve installed the Plugin at

Service is subject to Wallkit Terms and Conditions.

Cài đặt

For the simple and quick guide on installation, please visit our detailed documentation.

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Release Date – 08 April 2024

Updates including:

  • Fixed sync posts with Wallkit on save_post hook.


Release Date – 25 March 2024

Updates including:

  • Inline modals feature.


Release Date – 14 February 2024

Updates including:

  • Fixed paywall position in begin of the content.


Release Date – 25 January 2024

Updates including:

  • Add event get user data.


Release Date – 03 January 2024

Updates including:

  • Add event unlock content.
  • Ability add content key prefix sync with wallkit.


Release Date – 03 November 2023

Updates including:

  • Minor updates.


Release Date – 18 October 2023

Updates including:

  • Added ability enable advanced sign-in system for imported users.
  • Bug fix.


Release Date – 12 October 2023


Release Date – 10 October 2023

Updates including:

  • Made changes relative to site speed improvements.
  • Display defaults Sign-in/My Account buttons after wallkit initialized.
  • Fix notices.
  • Updates for admins.


Release Date – 28 September 2023

Updates including:

  • Fix getting user.
  • Fix php notice for ‘Sign-in’ button in menu.
  • Updates in setup integration script.
  • Allow setup custom selector for frontend blocking.


Release Date – 11 September 2023

Updates including:

  • Core updates.
  • Fix blocking content on frontend.


Release Date – 21 August 2023

Updates including:

  • Allow disable Wallkit initialization for specific cases, in additional script.
  • Allow paywalled and block content on backend, frontend, and disable blocked.


Release Date – 13 July 2023

Updates including:

  • Fix warnings admin capabilities. For edit plugin settings user should have ‘manage_options’ capability.


Release Date – 27 June 2023

Updates including:

  • Fix warnings for PHP 8.0.
  • Add promise on check post access request.


Release Date – 26 June 2023

Updates including:

  • Updates in base integration.


Release Date – 15 June 2023

Updates including:

  • Allow admins disable paywall on post.


Release Date – 9 June 2023

Updates including:

  • Ability for change Sign In/My Account button titles in config.
  • Caching some core options.


Release Date – 8 June 2023

Updates including:

  • Fixed add fonts.


Release Date – 2 June 2023

Updates including:

  • Add option – Reload the page after logging out.
  • Add filter – wallkit_override_global_post_data.


Release Date – 24 May 2023

Updates including:

  • Allowed add Wallkit calls classes into the <body> tag.
  • Passed the settings data in Additional integration script.


Release Date – 1 May 2023

Updates including:

  • Fix: show paywall in Safari.


Release Date – 12 April 2023

Updates including:

  • Added the ability to add Sign In button to menus.
  • Added the ability to add custom JavaScript to header/footer.


Release Date – 6 April 2023

Updates including:

  • Added the ability to select taxonomies to be synchronized to Wallkit,
  • Applied style improvements for split Sign-in and Sign-up pop-ups,
  • Fixed bug with public/private keys when activating the plugin,
  • Code improvements.


Release Date – 3 March 2023

Major update including:

  • UI/UX refresh,
  • Enhanced settings abilities in defining access preferences and paywall configurations,
  • Introduced WK Calls technology, allowing custom UX implementation by adding CSS classes,
  • Advanced customization of the paywall’s block appearance,
  • Support for up-to-date WordPress,
  • No-code installation and much more.