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The Web to Print Shop: uDraw plugin is browser based graphic designer. This HTML5 Designer comes built with a comprehensive online designer tools, which allows customers to create any template based products that can be later customized by end users. It integrates tightly with WooCommerce, allowing you to sell any print or promotional item. Templates can be left open or locked down with all layers of text and imagery exposed for reference and modification. The W2P Shop: uDRAW plug-in is developed by Racad Tech, Inc.

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Integrates with other W2P Solutions by Racad Tech such as:


  • Upload PDF files. You can use a PDF document of your template, upload it onto the uDraw designer, and edit it. (Full Version Only)

  • Convert your SVG image file into an editable image. You can edit the colours of the SVG image, which is printer-friendly and supports CMYK format.

  • Upload images from Facebook onto uDraw. Take images straight from your Facebook account, and implement them onto your design.

  • Apply image filters and masks. Use filters such as grayscale, sepia, tint, pixelate, gradient transparency, and more to the images on your design. Create a mask over your images to exclude any areas you do not want to be displayed.

  • Once the customer has finished ordering their product, you can download a layered PDF file, which can be re-edited or printed out.

  • Upload PDF templates from ePOWER’s W2P CLOUD onto uDRAW and edit them online without leaving your browser!

  • And Much More!

uDraw Demo Sites

Check out the following product examples using our W2P SHOP – uDRAW Technology
uDRAW Label Upload
uDRAW Label Designer
uDRAW Cheque Editor
Generic Business Card Editor
PDF Editor – Canvas Print
Multipage / Book Upload with Detetion Features

Ảnh màn hình

  • uDraw template management section.
  • uDraw designer while editing a business card template.
  • uDraw designer while editing a phone case.
  • T-Shirt template while accessing custom clipart storage.

Cài đặt

Plugin: WooCommerce

  1. Unzip and upload contents of the plugin to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Start creating your first template by clicking ‘W2P:uDraw->Add Template’.

Getting Started Video

Hỏi đáp

What kind of products can I customize with uDraw?

A large variety of products can be edited with uDraw. Whether it may be business oriented (business cards, invitations, flyers, brochures, etc) or for personal items (phone cases, laptop skins, bags, mouse pads, photo frames, CD covers, etc).

Can I add my own products onto uDraw?

Yes, uDraw has the tools for you to create templates online.

I’ve followed all the steps, but when I activate the plugin, why doesn’t it show up?

You’ll need to install WooCommerce as it is essential to use uDraw.

Can uDraw be implemented with other web site content management systems (CMS)?

Possibly. This is one of our goals. Check our website for all the latest updates by visiting our Web to Print sites w2pshop.com, w2p.cloud, w2p.tech and uDRAW.net.

Are there tutorials I can have access to?

Yes, Here you can learn uDraw’s functions as well as how to create certain templates: uDrawTutorials

Do you have any documentation I can refer to?

You can access our documentation here: uDrawDoc

**Can I customize the UI of the uDRAW Designer?
Yes. Please contact someone at the Racad Tech in order to learn how that can be done. You can contact someone by visiting the Racad Tech website at www.RacadTech.com and filling in the contact form. Let them know what you hope to achieve and someone will get back to you with assistance.

**What do I do if I need assistance or if I require customizations?
You are encouraged to contact the tech team responsible for uDRAW. Visit the Web to Print Shop website at www.WebToPrintShop.com, fill in the contact form with your request and someone will contact you.

**Do you have more tools and technologies that could be used for “web to print”?
Yes. uDRAW is a modular component of the Web to Print Shop which was formerly known only as GOePOWER. The ePOWER system is still in heavy use. You are encouraged to contact a web to print specialist at Racad Tech to learn how your requirements can be addressed.

Đánh giá

3 Tháng Chín, 2016
The necessity of this type of platform is ever increasing in many websites today and many developers out there are jumping on it. It seems many of these options are either abandoned altogether (OpenCart/OpenTshirts) or an extremely expensive platform. They end up not being cost effective at all for small (or startup) businesses. Ultimately a clear, flexible platform is required in order to stay at the top of the competition. The uDraw integration options allow you to use this platform with a lot of popular shopping cart systems. With WooCommerce it installed & integrated immediately with no hassle! We really appreciate the hard work and dedication guys! Can't thank you enough!!
3 Tháng Chín, 2016
I purchased one of the plugin from codecanyon and try to complete my web to print requirement. But after some stressed days and bad support, i check for some other solution and find uDraw. I am glad that i checked it and used in my project. After changing to uDraw, my client liked it better than paid plugin and i was able to make it work for my project. When i also need some customization and need to solve some bug, developers always there for support and try to fix things as soon as possible. Overall, i have a great experience with the plugin and recommend to other who are willing to make website based on Web to Print solution.
3 Tháng Chín, 2016
It's nice, But it would be nicer if there was an option to switch form iches to millimeters. Just a tip 😉
3 Tháng Chín, 2016
Very thorough & well thought out. I would like to see how this technology evolves over time.
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  • Fixed broken Download PDF link in new order email.
  • Fixed bug: Order not going into GoSendEx.
  • Added Resize canvas functionality for preset sizes using custom properties “FinalDocWidth” and “FinalDocHeight”.
  • Resize functions now works with mm sizes.
  • Fixed bug: Selected PM Options to load properly from a saved design.
  • Multiple bug fixes for PDF Blocks.
  • Fixed issue with design previews getting cached.
  • Updated the pdf viewer to the latest version.
  • Many updates and fixes related to the designer.


  • Major improvements to exporting design as a production files and integrated a new uDraw convert server.
  • Added ability to download production files as high res PNGs.
  • Added ability to replace colors in the production file before downloading as PNG.
  • Integrated new PDF info service.
  • Added feature to automatically delete files biweekly if enabled older than the set period of time.
  • Allow uploads of multipage pdf files.
  • Fixed file upload size check function.
  • Various improvements and bug fixes to the designer.
  • Various improvements to price matrix including setting a minimum price for a product.
  • Updated Re-order function and added a reference to the old order in order meta.
  • Updated to GoSendEx integration such as submitting order to GoSendEx after production files have been generated, sending an email notification after order has been submitted and manually submitting order to GoSendEx from dashboard order details page.
  • Added support for a third dimensions in the price matrix i.e. length, to be used to calculate pricing for dynamic sized 3D products like boxes.
  • Changes improvements to PDF block templates skin.
  • Added feature that allows adding a saved design to cart directly from the Saved Designs Page.
  • Updates/ Fixes to different Designer skins and added support for new commands.


  • Added categories to uDraw Text Templates.
  • Added ability to assign labels to shapes and groups in designer.
  • Added support for TTF fonts.
  • Added GoSendEx integration support.
  • Added better support for upload artwork on simple products.
  • Added drag and drop functionality to upload forms.
  • Added new feature that will generate hi-res JPG for all orders as an option.
  • Added better handling when loading in hundreds of fonts in uDraw designer.
  • Added multisite support so that each site instance in the network has it’s own unique settings.
  • Fixed bug while updating tags on Private Image/Clipart library.
  • Updated multi template section UI to accommodate more templates with different sizes.
  • Updates to following skins; Sleek UI, Slim UI.
  • Updates to GoEpower Integration.
  • Updates and improvements for PDF template products.
  • Better handling of Shipping Dimensions within the Price Matrix.
  • Improved performance when adding designed product to cart.
  • Many fixes and improvements to Price Matrix.
  • Many updates and improvements related to the designer.


  • Added 2 new save options while creating templates from Admin section.
  • Fixed Save for Later design feature.
  • Fixed Download Proof.
  • Fixed Update Design issue from the Admin section.
  • Fixed various bugs related to PDF Templates.
  • Fixed Optimal UI to work with latest uDraw.
  • Fixed shipping weight issue in Price Matrix.
  • Fixed a bug with WordPress 5.5 causing product to not add to cart.
  • Fixed bug when loading template from cart with none dynamaic sizes from Price Matrix.
  • Improved loading templates from saved.
  • Various updates and fixes related to the designer.
  • Cleaned up various PHP warnings and notices.


  • Many improvements to Designer including speed boost when loading templates.
  • Updated crop ratio to be free crop.
  • Fixed Fatal error on Admin Orders section when an order is refunded.
  • Fixed Fonts not embedding correctly to the print pdf.
  • Fixed minor bugs when submitting orders to GoEpower.
  • Fixed issues linked to XMPie Products.
  • Fixed issues in Default, Widescreen, Mobile and Sleek UIs.
  • Fixed SVG Colouring Options.
  • Fixed Gridlines and SnaptoGrid.
  • Fixed PDF Upload not showing up on the Blocks.
  • Fixed issue with Upload Artwork caused by Designer Page count.
  • Fixed Add to Cart issue when Display Proof has been enabled.
  • Many small bug fixes in uDraw-SVG designer.


  • Major updates and changes to uDraw Designer
  • uDraw-SVG – Updated to allow page switching via page labels.
  • uDraw-SVG – Fixed cropping issue.
  • uDraw-SVG – Added menu bar to bottom of Unique UI
  • uDraw-SVG – Creating page thumbnails separately from convert PDF to SVG function to prevent timeout on larger PDFs.
  • uDraw – Updated bootstrap in assets. Renamed ‘fullscreen’ to ‘default’. Making changes in UIs to match designer upgrade.
  • uDraw – Default UI updates.
  • uDraw – Fixed up private image library in default UI.
  • uDraw – Updated Designer to 4.0.0. Updated default UI and frontend scripts to work with new version.
  • uDraw – Updated Price Matrix and excel js to reflect designer changes.


  • Added new feature ‘Text Builder’. Text templates can now be built via dashboard, and can be used by users in the front.
  • Added new uDraw Designer UI ‘Sleek UI’.
  • Added display ruler for uDraw SVG.
  • Added option to not enforce the minimum DPI requirement for uDraw Designer.
  • Added new features to the Price Matrix UI.
  • Added option to display proof of design prior to adding to cart for uDraw SVG.
  • Added loading animation if designer loads first.
  • Added ability to upload customized loading animation in settings.
  • Many improvements and updates to Optimal UI for uDraw Designer.
  • Updates to linear feet formula for Price Matrix.
  • Many Updates to UI’s uDraw SVG and uDraw Designer.
  • Updated designer with templates fix.
  • Fixed total price display in case of variable products for Price Matrix.
  • Fixed minor bugs on Safari bug with Price Matrix.
  • Fixed bug with get linked template.
  • Fixed loading on block products if no option has been selected.
  • Many other minor bug fixes in this release.