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Udinra Mobile Sitemap

Mô tả


  • Creates Mobile Sitemap and automatically pings Search Engines
  • Multisite support
  • Index Mobile Sitemap support

Udinra Mobile Sitemap Pro Features

  • Creates Mobile Sitemap from your AMP pages. Only plugin with this feature
  • Prioritize your Product (eCommerce) pages over other pages
  • All features of free plugin

You can buy Pro Version at Udinra Mobile Sitemap Pro

Why Mobile Sitemap?

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Plugin documentation

Installation Instructions

Here’s how you can install the plugin:

Plugin documentation

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Những người đóng góp

Nhật ký thay đổi


Enabled button on configuration page


Minor bug fixes and Manual Sitemap generation. Removed options.Plugin will ping sitemap all the times.


Removed zipped file option as Google indexes zipped version slower than normal one
Single option to ping Search Engines instead of 3 to improve performance


Added Admin notices


Removed images from admin page


Small fixes.


Added other optional sitemap tags like Lastmod and Priority
Added XSL support to make it Human readable


Initial version