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TrueROAS AI Ad Attribution

Mô tả

TrueROAS tracks your store orders and attributes results to the correct Meta/Google/TikTok ad.
Never miss an order again. Know exactly where your revenue came from. Leverage True Data to save ad spend and gain an extreme competitive advantage. Faster data updates enable you to test faster and scaling more predictably with the Promethean attribution model. All done using the new way to track ethically in a GDPR-friendly fashion. Save time by adding your product costs, and automatically, converting all different currencies into one, making it easier to see the whole picture.

-Ad Tracking

-Cost Tracking

-Creative Breakdown

-Product Analysis

-Conversion Paths

This app will allow TrueROAS get get orders and track the pageviews of your site, so that every order can be tracked down, so that you know exactly where your customers found you.

Why TrueROAS


  1. Attribute 100% Orders
  2. Instant Data Updates
  3. Tracking Made for WooCommerce


  • Stop wasting ad spend
  • Reduce testing ad spend by 63%
  • Trust your conversions

Data Management
* relies on order data to be able to track down which customer came from what source. This means that both customer and order details are stored. TrueROAS complies with GDPR, EU & NA privacy laws by encrypting and tokenizing all PII. To read more, check us out at or read up on our privacy policy here:

Hỏi đáp

How do I open the app?

Go to

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