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Tiny Table Of Contents – TinyTOC

Mô tả

Plugin that enables you to create table of contents in your posts and pages. You can choose what it will parse, and what
it will not parse. It’s very simple to use from your editor
so you do not have to manualy enter tags. Now it’s nothing special, but later it will have much more features including
some predefined styles and more styling control.

Planned Features

  • Custom TOC tag (so you dont have to use [tinytoc lev="lv"]cont[/tinytoc])

Source SVN

  • svn checkout tiny-table-of-contents-tinytoc


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Cài đặt

  1. Upload folder tiny-table-of-contents-tinytoc to your /wp-content/plugins directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress

Hỏi đáp

Now do I use this plugin?

When you go to your post editor you will see drop down menu “TOC Levels”. Select you chapter and then chose one of the levels. Or you can manualy wrap your chapter in [tinytoc level=”lv”]cont[/tinytoc] tags where lv is your level (number) and cont is you chapter.

How to use image as “Back to top” button?

You have to add <img /> tag to your text with path to that image as src attribute value.

Can I add text before TOC?

If you add [tinytoc] after that text, yes.

Can I chose TOC position?

Yes, by placing [tinytoc] in your text.

How can I remove `Header` and still be able to use `Back to top` feature?

In order to use Backt to top you need to have some tag with some ID. Just add style="display: none;" to your Html before title field in tag. If you have default example <h3 id="tyinTOC"> then you would have <h3 id="tyinTOC" style="display: none;">. That will remove Title before table of contents and still allow you to use Back to top feature.

How do I know what each of these fields mean?

Visit documentation.

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Những người đóng góp

Nhật ký thay đổi

Ver 1.6.3 (released 2010-06-03)

  • Bugs fixed and code improved by Matja Pean

Ver 0.12.31 (released 2009-12-31)

Ver 0.8.30 (released 2009-08-30)

  • You can now position TOC by inserting [tinytoc] in your code

Ver 0.8.12 (released 2009-08-12)

  • Fixed custom styling on each level
  • Updated regular expression to make it faster

Ver 0.7.18 (released 2009-07-18)

  • Fixed some minor bugs
  • Added custom styling for each level in TOC list
  • Improved speed

Ver 0.7 (released 2009-06-27)

  • Fixed problem when parsing home page ( tag)
  • Fixed some small parsing bugs
  • Optimized script
  • Fixed creating of TOC problem (nested loops problem)
  • Fixed chapter parsing in TOC (now all styling is removed)
  • Added “Remove when not used” feature
  • Added “TOC on all pages” feature

Ver 0.3 (released 2009-05-21)

  • Plugin first version