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VS Team – Team Showcase WordPress

Mô tả


VS Team plugin is fully responsive & mobile friendly team members display the plugin in WordPress. You can display your team members in a different layouts.

VS Team allows you to create 3 different layouts. Each of the design carries a different type of designs so you can use one of this to create your Team page.

VS Team Plugin shortcode generator have the different option you can easily control which layout you want from 3 different layouts, Member Category, Member Limit, View for desktop mobile and tablet, etc.

From the admin end, you can easily add your team member(s). You can set Design Type, Ordering, and Member limit. It has a widget included with settings on how many want to display. It has the following fields members name, designation, image, and social links.

It is HTML5 & CSS3 base and full Object Oriented (OOP) coding. Display your team member profile with Grid view and Isotope View using our ShortCode and Widget. It comes with 3 default layouts in shortcode you can call layout like 1st Design / 2nd Design / 3rd Design.


  • Fully Responsive & Mobile Friendly
  • 3 Different layouts (1st Design/2nd Design/3rd Design).
  • Custom meta filed
  • ShortCode Generator
  • 4 types of ordering Random/ID/Name/Date
  • Member Slugs
  • Member Limit
  • Column (Mobile/Tab/Desktop)
  • Order (DESC/ASC)

Available fields

  • Title/Name (Post Title)
  • Designations (Custom field)
  • Social links (FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, and Google+ )

Shortcode settings

Note: Without creating Slug this shortcode won’t work !!!!

  • Short Code:
    [vsteam id=”44″ title=”vs-team”]


  • id = Id of Your ShortCode.

  • Title = The number of the ShortCode, what will you enter.

ShortCode Generator Metabox

  • Layouts (1st Design/2nd Design/3rd Design).
  • Members Slugs ( Name of Your Team Slugs. Which Category Team will show in that Page).
  • Members Limit (How many people will show on Team Page).
  • Column (Mobile/Tab/Desktop) View.
  • Ordering (Random/ID/Name/Date).
  • Order (DESC/ASC).

For any bug or suggestion please mail us:


  1. Short Code : [vsteam id=”44″ title=”vs-team”]
  2. Layouts = Choose Your Design
  3. member Slug = Must Select Which Member Slug people will show in Team Page.
  4. Members Limit
  5. Column
  6. Ordering
  7. Order

Requires PHP

  • WordPress version: >= 4.3
  • PHP version: >= 5.2.4

Cài đặt

Install and Activate

  1. Unzip the downloaded ‘team-vs’ zip file
  2. Upload the ‘team-vs’ folder and its contents into the ‘wp-content/plugins/’ directory of your WordPress installation
  3. Activate ‘team-vs’ from the Plugins page

Hỏi đáp

How to Use Portfolio

  • Go to WP VS Team > Add Member
  • Go to page or post editor insert the shortcode.

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