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Targeted User Actions

Mô tả

Targeted User Actions is a plugin that allows you to perform actions on your website, such as showing a modal (pop-up) window or setting a cookie, only for users who match criteria that you define. For instance, with this plugin you can target users who have visited a specific product page on your website more than once across multiple browser sessions, and then show those users a pop-up window that offers them a discount code on the product.

Easily set up rules to find users who match specific criteria and fire actions only for those users. You can target users by the current page URL, number of times the user has viewed a page, a user’s logged in status as well as how many total visits a user has made to your site. Combine these targeting criteria for even more powerful user targeting.

If a user matches one of the rules you have defined, you can then perform an action only on that user. Actions you can perform are launching a modal (pop-up) window or setting a cookie on the user’s browser. Our goal is to add more actions in future versions of the plugin, as well as eventually give developers tools to add their own custom targeting metrics and actions via WordPress hooks.

The plugin can also be configured to not track any users until a specific cookie is present for the user, which makes the plugin compatible with cookie notice plugins that set a cookie only after a user gives consent to be tracked.

Ảnh màn hình

  • Show a modal window only to targeted users. Use this plugin to give users an additional nudge to complete a purchase by showing a promo code or other content unique to them.
  • Easily view, edit, disable or delete all of your targeted rules.
  • Create a new rule and use triggers to determine for which users this rule will fire.
  • Use the modal builder to easily add content for your modal. Add text and change the colors of the modal text, button and background.
  • Are you a developer? Use custom HTML content inside of your modal to create something unique.
  • Need to obtain consent before tracking users? Set a cookie that must be present before the plugin will track your users.

Hỏi đáp

How does this plugin work?

When a user first visits your website, this plugin creates a unique session ID for that user and stores that session ID in the database. It also stores a cookie on the user’s browser that contains this session ID. As a user browses your website, each page they load is logged in the database and compared against the targeting rules you define. If a match is found, your targeting rule fires for that user. If a user ends their session and comes back, the plugin reads their previous session ID from the saved cookie and associates that previous session ID with that user, allowing users to be tracked across sessions.

What if I cannot track users until they consent?

If you need to obtain consent before tracking users, you can obtain consent using a cookie bar plugin. You can configure Targeted User Actions to not track users before this consent is obtained, however the plugin also will not be able to execute any actions for a user until consent is obtained. Determine the name of the cookie your cookie consent plugin saves when a user gives consent, then enter that cookie name in the Required Cookie Name box under the Targeted User Actions plugin settings and ensure the Require that the following cookie be set before tracking users checkbox is selected. This will ensure that users are only tracked once they give consent to being tracked.

My rules are not firing, or are firing for every user. What is wrong?

Ensure that you do not have any caching enabled that may interfere with the Targeted User Actions plugin. Aggressive caching may serve up the same content for multiple users, which is a problem if you have a rule you want to fire only for specific users.

I am trying to use custom HTML for my modal but some of it is being removed. Why?

For security reasons, only common HTML tags and attributes are allowed in the code shown in the modal. We have tried to allow the major common HTML tags and attributes, but if there is one that you require please contact us and we will consider adding it in a future release.

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1.1 – Added custom hooks so that developers can create their own targeting rules and actions.
1.0 – Initial Plugin Release