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Tabbed Account Area for Easy Digital Downloads

Mô tả

Create a one-page account area with relevant sections separated by tabs. Include purchase history, license keys, user profile editor, and more all with one easy to use shortcode.

If a user is not logged in they will automatically be shown the EDD Login form.

Include the following content in your user’s account area:

  • Download History
  • Purchase History
  • Profile Editor
  • Download Discounts
  • Subscriptions**
  • EDD Wish Lists (and wish list editor)**
  • EDD Deposit**
  • EDD License Keys**
  • Affiliate Area**

** Requires additional or add-on plugins

Cài đặt

Search for Tabbed Account Area in the plugin directory. Install and activate the plugin.
No settings are required for this plugin.

Hỏi đáp

How do I use the plugin?

The plugin creates a shortcode [account_tabs], which can be inserted into any page on your site where you would like your customers to access their account information.

The shortcode has a number of attributes you can use to customize the output of these tabs. Tabs will be displayed in the order that you include these attributes:

  • download_history
  • purchase_history
  • edd_profile_editor
  • edd_subscriptions
  • download_discounts
  • edd_wish_lists_edit
  • edd_wish_lists
  • edd_deposit
  • edd_license_keys
  • affiliate_area

For each attribute, you can assign a title, which will be used for the tab’s name. For example, the following shortcode would display your customer’s purchase history and profile editor:

[account_tabs purchase_history=”Purchase History” edd_profile_editor=”Edit Your Profile”]

The tabs would have the text “Purchase History” and “Edit Your Profile” respectively. When the customer clicks on either tab, the appropriate content would be displayed.

Can I style my tabs?

The plugin comes with three style options.

  1. The default option is the tabs at the top of the content
  2. Tabs to the left of the content
  3. Tabs to the right of the content

There is also the possibility to use custom CSS to style your tabs.

You would indicate the style you wish to use by including the style attribute in the shortcode with the appropriate position:

  • [account_tabs style=”default”]
  • [account_tabs style=”left”]
  • [account_tabs style=”right”]
  • [account_tabs style=”custom”]

If you choose to use the custom style option, you will need to add a file to your theme.

Add a file called taa.css to the css folder in your current theme or child theme. If no css folder exists, you can create one for this purpose.


I’m using AffiliateWP, how can I keep the visitor on the Affiliate tab when they click one of the sub-tabs?

In your AffiliateWP settings, make sure that the Affiliate Area page is the same as the page that includes the [account_tabs] shortcode.

Also, if you are including the style attribute in the shortcode, make sure that it is listed after the affiliate_area attribute.

How do I reorder the tabs?

The tabs will be listed in the order you have the respective attributes in the shortcode.

For example, [account_tabs purchase_history=”Purchase History” edd_profile_editor=”Edit Your Profile”] will have Purchase History first, and Edit Your Profile second. [account_tabs edd_profile_editor=”Edit Your Profile” purchase_history=”Purchase History”] will have Edit Your Profile first, and Purchase History second.

Đánh giá

30 Tháng Một, 2018 1 reply
Valuable plugin to create a “clean” looking account page for a better user experience. Helpful that DeLuzio provides a simple example to reference for the less experienced website creator. Great job!
5 Tháng Hai, 2017 1 reply
Very simple and useful plugin to create a tabbed account area for Easy Digital Download. I had a problem and the author has solved it very quickly!
9 Tháng Một, 2017 1 reply
This is a great plugin which totally cleans up the user experience on the account page in Easy Digital Downloads.
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Nhật ký thay đổi


  • Fix: The code to register the localized data doesn’t work properly. It moved to the callback of the shortcode


  • Update: When saving EDD profile, the form redirected to the first tab on the page. Now when the Profile tab is not first, the page will redirect to the Profile tab after user clicks save.


  • Refactored with code formatting to follow WordPress coding standards.
  • Ability to set logged out text for the [hidden_content] shortcode.
  • Check whether shortcodes exist before adding the tab/content for it in the [account_tabs] shortcode.


  • Fix: JavaScript for tabs was being loaded on all front end pages. On pages where [account_tabs] shortcode wasn’t present this produced an error.
  • New: Included translatable .pot file.


  • Fix: When using tabs along with AffiliateWP, clicking the Affiliate sub tabs would redirect the page causing the affiliate tab to no longer be active. Fix keeps the Affiliate tab set, but reqires the Affiliate Area page in AffiliateWP settings to be the same page as your EDD account page where the [account_tabs] shortcode is placed.


  • Fix: Corrected an issue that caused Recaptcha form to not load correctly if using the affiliate_area shortcode.


  • Initial Release