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Mô tả

Have performance issues? StaticWP converts your blog into a static site, so you don’t have to worry.

Cài đặt

Upload the StaticWP plugin to your site, and activate it! Yep, that’s it!

Optionally, you can set your web server to look in the storage directory (default is staticwp/_site/
in your uploads directory) for files prior to letting WordPress take over control.

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Nhật ký thay đổi


Release Date – 25th April, 2015

  • Add actions.
  • Add filters.
  • Fix bug with StaticWP\StaticWP not qualifying Exception before its use.


Release Date – 25th April, 2015

  • Fix issue with preload.
  • Fix issue with uninstall.


Release Date – 9th March, 2015

  • Fix activation problem.


Release Date – 4th March, 2015

  • Make preloading safer.
  • Ensure more than posts are compiled.
  • Allow comments to be added
  • Fix bug when files are recompiled.


Release Date – 4th March, 2015

  • Refactor frontend and admin into separate classes.
  • Abstract HTML into templates and StaticWPView.
  • Add admin menu pages.
  • Allow users to preload site.


Release Date – 4th March, 2015

  • Improve directory resolution.


Release Date – 4th March, 2015

  • Fix bug with plugin name.


Release Date – 3rd March, 2015

  • Add deactivation hook for cleanup.
  • Add uninstall hook for cleanup.
  • Move storage directory to uploads directory.


Release Date – 3rd March, 2015

  • Initial Release
  • Does basic static file generation.
  • Sends file if it exists only for GET requests.