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Spot-Hit – Send mail, sms and newsletter

Mô tả

With the plug-in spot-hit for wordpress, you’ll have access to all spot-hit services. This plug-in is a gateway to our message sending service : email & SMS. From the back office of your wordpress website, you will be able to manage the sending of all your messages. Be careful, to do this it’s necessary to create a spot-hit account and credit it to send your messages. However, to test the integration between our two services, you can register in order to have free credits.

Technical information

If you want more details about the integration, you can download all technical documents from this link :

Legal information

We secure the data set collected by our service. This data will not be resold or exchanged with a third party. We are registered with CNIL (Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés) under number 1517257 v 0. We don’t make any data transfer outside the Union European.

Link to our documents about our GDPR compliance:

More information

Link to our services:

Link to our terms and conditions:

Link to contact us:


  1. Set your API Key. You can find it here or create an account

Automatically Send SMS/Emails

  1. In “Configure”
  2. Choose the posts types for which you want to be able to send an SMS and/or an email
  3. Configure the templates of your SMS/Emails
  4. Create a post for one of the types that you have previously selected
  5. When you publish your post, use the checkboxes if you want to send an SMS and/or an email
  6. Publish it.
  7. Done !


*. widget to register client’s mobile number
*. widget to register client’s email

Send Sms

  1. In “Send Sms” :
  2. Choose the recipients.
  3. Write your message.
  4. Send your message !

Send Email

  1. In “Send Email” :
  2. Choose a sender email address.
  3. Choose a sender name.
  4. Choose an email to receive the answers.
  5. Choose the recipients.
  6. Choose the subject of mail.
  7. Write your message.
  8. Send your message !

Export your Contacts on Spot-Hit

  1. In “Configure”
  2. Choose the group you want to add your contacts
  3. Or choose “New group” to create one and write the name.
  4. Export your contacts !

Đánh giá

27 Tháng Tám, 2019
Plugin fonctionnel et très pratique pour nos usages ! A conseiller !
27 Tháng Tám, 2019
Le plugin est fonctionnel et efficace. Téléchargement et installation rapide et simple. A recommander +++
12 Tháng Mười Hai, 2018
Permet d'accéder facilement aux fonctionnalités d'emails et de sms via sa clé api.
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