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Smart Icons For WordPress

Mô tả

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Smart Icons For WordPress plugin brings to you 519 icons from Font Awesome. Users can include these icons to posts, pages or custom post types with just a click of a button above wordPress editor (works with tinymce 4).

  • Easy to use, no fuzz UI

  • Custom shortcode, the default shortcode is [smarticon] but you can customise it to your own [icon] [fonticon] etc.

  • Options to load fonts from CDN

  • CSS effects like radius and shadow to customize the icons.

  • Supports for last two versions of all the major browsers

  • 4K display friendly

  • Scalable icons that looks great on any screen size.

  • Doesn’t dependent on TinyMCE 4 editor API, use any editor of your choice.

We also offer a professional version of the plugin that has exclusive features and option to add SVG icon packs.

Smart Icons For WordPress Professional

PRO Features

  • Includes support for import of icon packs from flaticon ( Choose icons packs from largest vector icon database ).

  • Includes support for import of customised icon packs from icomoon ( Make your own icon packs from Over 450 handcrafted icons ).

  • Proprietory code to handle icon delivery.

  • Coloured icons, easily add colour to icons with inbuilt colour picker.

  • Seamlessly change icon sizes

  • Add animation to icons

  • Mix colour, size and animation to create millions of unique icon combinations to keep customers engaged with your content.

For more information on usage and features, check out smartpixels.

Ảnh màn hình

  • Simple one page settings
  • Easy UI to Add icons to content
  • Clear Add Icons button above WordPress editor

Cài đặt

  1. Install Smart Icons For WordPress either via the plugin directory, or by uploading the files to your server

  2. Activate Smart Icons For WordPress through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.You will now see ‘Smarticons’ menu in admin sidebar.

  3. You can leave the default settings as it is or change according to your needs.

  4. Ready to start adding icons by clicking on “Add Icons” button in wordPress editor.

Hỏi đáp

Is there a demo ?

Yes, Click here Demo.

Can I change imported icon packs?

Yes, use the delete option to delete old pack and use icon libaries in icomoon and Flaticon to create new icon packs.

Can we use these icons on commercial projects?

The plugin comes with FontAwesome which is released under a license that allows commercial usage. Icons are also free for commercial use but just make sure they have creative commons 3.0 license before you import.

How to do I use the plugin ?

Please see the attached instructional video.

Đánh giá

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Những người đóng góp

Nhật ký thay đổi

1.0.4 – Sep 28th, 2015

  • Bug fix: Fixed the malfunction of toggle switch incase of RTL.
  • Compatibilty with version 4.3.2

1.0.3 – June 23rd, 2015

  • Addition of 40 new icons to the plugin
  • Upgraded to font awesome 4.3
  • Compatibilty with version 4.2.2

1.0.2 – March 5th, 2015

  • Compatibility release for 4.2.0
  • New method to insert shortcode into WordPress editor

1.0.1 – Feb 22nd, 2015

  • Fixed a css bug
  • Fix for cross origin issue.

1.0.0 – Nov 18th, 2014

  • Initial release