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SiteTree is a lightweight and feature-loaded solution to enhancing a WordPress website with a Google (Image) Sitemap and a Site Tree (HTML5 Site Map). Developed with a no-worries philosophy, SiteTree is plug-and-play, user-friendly and nearly independent from user input.

The following is an overview of its major features:

SiteTree Dashboard

Where you can control the enabling of the sitemaps, manually launch their rebuilding, and have information about the building process.

Code-free Customisation

The customisation of the sitemaps starts and ends with a few clicks, and even less typing, on two settings pages that look like the ones you are already familiar with.

In Depth Control Over the Google Sitemap’s Metadata

You can set the ‘Priority’ and the ‘Update Frequency’ for each post and page of your website.

Selective Exclusion of Web Pages

Posts and pages can be excluded from the sitemaps directly from the editor screen of WordPress. And with no more than a tick of a checkbox you can add to the robots.txt file generated by WordPress a Disallow rule for each web page excluded from the Google Sitemap.

Caching Leveraged

Thanks to the built-in caching facility and the native support for the WP Super Cache plugin SiteTree is able to update the sitemaps only if need be.

Ảnh màn hình

  • The SiteTree Dashboard.
  • The SiteTree Dashboard when the sitemaps are enabled.
  • Metadata section.
  • The settings screen of the Google Sitemap.
  • The settings screen of the Site Tree.

Cài đặt

Upload in the ‘plugins’ folder, and activate.

Hỏi đáp

Will I lose my settings by upgrading from SiteTree 1.5.3?

You will lose only your general settings. The metadata you have set for each post and page (Priority, Update Frequency and if a post or page is excluded from the sitemaps) will be automatically upgraded.

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4 Tháng Chín, 2017
Utilised on our business' website for business finance services. Very pleased with how it is working.
3 Tháng Chín, 2016
Works great! Thanks 😀
Đọc tất cả 85 đánh giá

Người đóng góp & Lập trình viên

“SiteTree” là mã nguồn mở. Những người sau đã đóng góp vào plugin này.

Những người đóng góp

“SiteTree” đã được dịch qua 2 ngôn ngữ. Cảm ơn những người tham gia dịch vì đóng góp của họ.

Dịch “SiteTree” sang ngôn ngữ của bạn.

Muốn tham gia phát triển?

Duyệt code, check out SVN repository, hoặc theo dõi nhật ký phát triển qua RSS.

Nhật ký thay đổi

2.1 (17 February 2020)

  • New: added the first five Action Hooks: sitetree_is_building_sitemap, sitetree_will_build_lists, sitetree_did_build_lists, sitetree_will_build_single_list and sitetree_did_build_single_list.
  • New: added the ability to exclude from the Site Tree all the child pages.
  • New: you can know the count of permalinks excluded from the Google Sitemap by hovering over the count of permalinks.
  • Improvement: dramatically reduced the number of database queries needed to build a Google Image Sitemap.
  • Improvement: on computing the ‘Last Modified’ (lastmod) metadata for the home page the plugin takes into account also the modification date of the front-page.php template file.
  • Improvement: the plugin disables the ability to manually launch the rebuilding process when less than one minute has elapsed since the last rebuilding.
  • Improvement: replaced the dates shown in the dashboard with the counts of the time elapsed since the last rebuilding. The exact date can be known by hovering over the elapsed time.
  • Improvement: when the profile of an author excluded from the Site Tree is updated, the Site Tree is no longer rebuilt.
  • Improvement: when a taxonomy excluded from one or both sitemaps is updated, the rebuilding process is no longer fired.
  • Improvement: wrapped each list of the Site Tree in a <div>.
  • Improvement: added an id attribute to each list and list’s title of the Site Tree.
  • Fixed: in some circumstances a “304 Not Modified” response header was returned to the client even if the Google Sitemap had to be served afresh.
  • Fixed: the ability to exclude taxonomies from the Site Tree didn’t work when the list style was hierarchical.

2.0.3 (5 February 2020)

Fixed a bug that, when the Site Tree was disabled, could cause the building process of the Site Tree to run on loading any non-admin page.

2.0.2 (27 January 2020)

The plugin no longer redirects to the dashboard when is activated for the first time.

2.0.1 (16 January 2020)

  • Translations migrated to
  • The ‘List title’ fields in the ‘Site Tree Settings’ screen now can accept in-line HTML tags.
  • Fixed an issue affecting the automatic resizing of the dashboard.

2.0 (9 January 2020)

Requires WordPress 5.2 or later.

A new journey has finally begun!

1.5.3 (7 August 2013)

Tested up to WordPress 3.6.1.

  • Improved compatibility with WordPress 3.6.
  • Fixed a conflict with the ‘Custom Post Types’ feature.
  • The Google Sitemap is now served as an application/xml document.

1.5.2 (27 March 2013)

  • New: Swedish translation courtesy of Joakim Lindskog.
  • Partially updated the Italian localisation.
  • Enhancement: the number of posts and the number of comments shown in the Archive Page have been tagged with a <span>.
  • Enhancement: the Google Sitemap is now rebuilt if an attachment is updated or deleted.
  • Fix: only some of the posts and the pages excluded from the Google Sitemap were listed in the ‘robots.txt’ file created by WordPress.

1.5.1 (7 March 2013)

  • Fix: the list of excluded content was migrated only partially during the upgrade process.
  • Fix: while upgrading from version 1.3 or later, the plugin excluded some posts and pages from both the Google Sitemap and the Archive Page even though they hadn’t been flagged as “excluded content”.

1.5 (5 March 2013)

  • New: exclude categories and tags from the Google Sitemap.
  • New: exclude tags from the Archive Page.
  • New: option to add to the ‘robots.txt’ file created by WordPress the permalink to the Google Sitemap.
  • New: customise the filename of the Google Sitemap.
  • New: setting to limit the number of posts in the Archive Page.
  • New: German translation courtesy of Thomas Meesters.
  • New: added a UI control to cancel scheduled pings.
  • New: added some more links in the Dashboard and some information about the plugin accessible through a modal window (requires javascript).
  • Enhancement: improved web caching.
  • Enhancement: added the number of images to the stats displayed in Dashboard.
  • Enhancement: now, you’ll get notified if the Google Sitemap — or the Archive Page — reaches its allowed (or set) limit.
  • Enhancement: failed pings are automatically rescheduled.
  • Enhancement: much more feedback about the state of the pings.
  • Update: the settings to list the images in the Google Sitemap have been grouped into one.
  • Update: the length of image titles and captions have been limited to 70 and 160 characters respectively.
  • Update: renamed the ‘HTML5 Sitemap’ as ‘Archive Page’.
  • Update: for a matter of performance, the Google Sitemap has been limited to 10000 URLs for now.
  • Security fix: the setting to exclude authors from the Archive Page accepted any given value.
  • Security fix: the direct access to some files caused a fatal error.
  • Security fix: some subfolders in the plugin package were browsable on servers that allow listing the content of directories.
  • Fix: a database error generated while uninstalling the plugin.
  • Fix: if an excluded post/page was trashed or permanently deleted, it was listed anyway in the ‘robots.txt’ file.
  • Fix: the detection of the archive page could fail in some conditions.
  • Fix: the rebuild process didn’t fire if bulk posts/pages were moved to the trash.
  • Fix: various problems with the functionality to limit the content in the Archive page.
  • Fix: a security warning showed up on Multisite environments whenever a post/page was published or updated.
  • Fix: some unescaped characters led to localisation issues.
  • … and many other bug fixes and enhancements.

1.4.3 (16 January 2013)

  • Enhancement: removed all the formatting characters from the content of titles and captions tags in the Google Sitemap.
  • Update: lowered to three hours the time interval between two consecutive pings.
  • Fix: the encoding problem was not completely solved on instals running older versions of PHP.
  • Fix: on some configurations an unwanted paragraph tag wrapped the HTML comments in the Archive Page.

1.4.2 (14 January 2013)

  • Fix: the encoding problem persisted on servers running versions of PHP older than 5.4
  • Fix: if a new post/page was saved as draft, the ping was scheduled anyway.
  • Fix: if the front page (or the blog home) was a static page, the attached images were not listed in the Google Sitemap.

1.4.1 (8 January 2013)

  • Update (Dev): the minification level of the Google Sitemap lowers while in debug mode.
  • Fix: a wrong encoding of the captions and the titles of the images listed in the Google Sitemap caused a parsing error.
  • Fix: the list of excluded content was deleted while upgrading from SiteTree 1.3 or later.
  • Fix: if WordPress was in debug mode, a php warning showed up in the Google Sitemap on servers running PHP 3.x and older.

1.4 (5 January 2013)

  • New: added images support to the Google Sitemap.
  • New: added support for non-latin characters to the XSLT Template (Requires javascript)
  • New: ability to list all the excluded posts and pages in the ‘robots.txt’ file.
  • New: automatic ping the mayor search engines.
  • Enhancement: added cache control support to the Google Sitemap.
  • Enhancement: improved performance and general security.
  • Enhancement: plugin heavily refactored.
  • Enhancement: raised the minification level of the Google Sitemap.
  • Enhancement: improved error handling.
  • Enhancement: simplified and reorganised the administration area.
  • Enhancement: reduced the total number of database queries.
  • Update: set a maximum limit of 1000 items to the HTML5 Sitemap.
  • Update: the last modified date of your static blog page, now changes according to the last published/modified post.
  • Update: the rebuilding process is no longer scheduled but triggered once the HTML5 Sitemap is actually visited instead.
  • Update: temporarily removed the plugin information displayed in the administration area.
  • Update: dropped upgrade support for SiteTree 1.0
  • Fix: CSS inconsistencies in the XSLT template.
  • Fix: a typo in a database query generated a database error with some configurations.
  • Fix: compatibility issues with WordPress 3.5.
  • Fix: the sitemaps were not rebuilt if a post/page was excluded after its publication.
  • Fix: no “Settings saved” message showed up if the ‘Save Changes’ button was clicked consecutively.
  • Fix: if a private post/page was published/updated, the sitemaps were rebuilt.

1.3.3 (30 October 2012)

  • New: rel microformat attribute added to the lists of tags, pages and posts.
  • Updated the bookmarks in the settings page.
  • Updated POT file.
  • Update: added a ‘noindex’ meta tag to the XSLT template.
  • Update: turned all charset identifiers to uppercase — just for a matter of consistency.
  • Fix: password protected posts were listed in the HTML5 Sitemap.
  • Fix: if the ‘Recent Posts Widget’ was included in the HTML5 Sitemap, WordPress Notices and PHP errors — in the worst case — were triggered.

1.3.2 (27 September 2012)

  • Fix: the plugin did not send any ‘Last Modified’ header to the client.
  • Fix: some debug code caused a security warning to be triggered.

1.3.1 (25 September 2012)

  • New: if the Google Sitemap has not been rebuilt since the last remote request, the plugin sends back a “304 Not Modified” response.
  • New: the modification date of the page where the HTML5 Sitemap is shown it’s updated whenever the Sitemap is rebuilt.
  • New: the version number and the date of installation are displayed in the upper-right corner of the settings page.
  • Updated POT file.
  • Update: the available screen options change according to the plugin setup.
  • Update: modified the ‘Powered by’ notice from “Sitemap Powered by SiteTree” to “Powered by SiteTree”.
  • Update: the ‘View’ button in the settings page no longer triggers the opening of a new browser tab on every click.
  • Enhancement: halved the size of the plugin folder.
  • Enhancement: improved events handling.
  • Fix: if a post (or page) revision was restored, the sitemaps were rebuilt.
  • Fix: if a custom post type was trashed, the sitemaps were rebuilt.
  • Fix: a security warning was displayed every time a post or page was trashed or restored from the trash.

1.3 (12 September 2012)

Requires WordPress 3.3 or later.

  • Dropped backward compatibility with versions of WordPress older than 3.3
  • New: multisite support.
  • New: virtual XML Sitemap with XSLT template.
  • New: order tags by name or most used.
  • New: order categories by name or most used.
  • New: order authors by name or published posts.
  • New: exclude posts and pages from within the ‘New/Edit’ screen.
  • New: added an ‘Overview’ tab to the settings page where you’ll find useful information about the build process.
  • New: the last build date and the scheduled rebuild date are displayed in the settings page.
  • New: added a button to manually rebuild the sitemap.
  • Updated POT file.
  • Update: removed all the CSS classes (auto-generated by WordPress) from the lists of pages and categories.
  • Update: exclude pages directly from within the ‘New/Edit Page’ screen.
  • Update: removed the setting to hide/show the subcategories from the list of posts.
  • Update: modified the behaviour of the functionality ‘Group Posts by Category’.
  • Update: the posts count in the list of tags is displayed only if greater than one.
  • Update: modified the title attribute applied to the <a> tags generated in the lists of tags and categories.
  • Update: removed the ‘Exclude Pages’ setting from the settings page.
  • Enhancement: the generator engine has been completely rewritten.
  • Enhancement: the generated code (both HTML5 and XML) is cleaner and minified.
  • Enhancement: improved error handling.
  • Enhancement (Dev): if needed, the plugin tries to rise the memory allocation limit while the rebuilding process is running.
  • Enhancement (Dev): the detection of the sitemap is performed much earlier than any action hook useful to run custom queries is triggered. This prevents unwanted behaviours that could take place in secondary or custom loops executed in template files or by other plugins.
  • Enhancement: improved the scheduling of the rebuild process.
  • Enhancement: improved object caching.
  • Enhancement: added a title attribute to the <a> tags generated in the list of pages.
  • Fixed some security issues related to the sanitisation of the sitemap.
  • Fix: duplicated entries were added in the list of posts when they were grouped by category.
  • Fix: the static page set as front page was not excluded from the list of pages.
  • Fix: no default CSS were printed in the head of the web-page if the ‘Powered by’ notice was display but the advanced settings were not saved.
  • Fix: a few bugs with the cron job caused an unwanted delay on the execution of the rebuild process.
  • Fix (Dev): missed to set the global $super_cache_enabled before the call to wp_cache_post_change().
  • Minor fixes and enhancements.

1.2.2 (1 August 2012)

  • The plugin is no longer tested on versions of WordPress older than 3.3
  • Added Russian localisation (courtesy of Oleg Vlasov).
  • Removed the type attribute applied to the <style> tag printed into the head section of the webpage.
  • The cache is no longer deleted every time the sitemap is rebuilt. This reduces by four the total number of database queries performed.
  • Fix: the generated <div> tags had no attribute id.
  • Minor changes and enhancements.

1.2.1 (19 July 2012)

  • Improved compatibility with PHP 5.4 and later.
  • Added some bookmarks in the settings page.
  • The ‘Exclude’ setting in the ‘Authors’ section is no longer case-sensitive.
  • Updated POT file.
  • Update: the day number shown in the list of posts — when they are grouped by date — is now wrapped inside a <time> tag.
  • Fix: duplicated ID attributes were generated in the html code of the settings page.
  • Fix: the cache was not cleared on uninstall.
  • Fix: the sitemap was not properly sanitised when sent to the browser or stored into the cache.

1.2 (10 July 2012)

  • Source code refactoring.
  • Improved overall performances.
  • Added an index file into each directory to avoid unauthorized directory browsing.
  • The sitemap creation time (expressed in seconds) is printed as an HTML comment at the end of the generated HTML code.
  • The plugin deactivates itself if the multisite feature is enabled.
  • New: build-in caching.
  • New: added support for the WP Super Cache plugin.
  • New: internationalisation support.
  • New: italian localisation.
  • New: show the author’s avatar on the list of authors.
  • New: show the author’s biographical information on the list of authors.
  • New: exclude authors by ‘public name’.
  • New: two list styles available for pages – flat and hierarchical.
  • New: two list styles available for categories – flat and hierarchical.
  • New: option to add a category label when the posts are grouped by category.
  • New: show/hide children categories when the posts are grouped by category.
  • Update: the title setting can be left empty.
  • Update: the comments count is shown only next the posts that actually have comments.
  • Update: the <span> tag applied to the meta information ‘published date’ has been replaced with the <time> tag to improve code semantic and the compatibility with the HTML5 standard.
  • Update: renamed the css classes .sitemap-list and .sitemap-title as .sitetree-list and .sitetree-title respectively.
  • Fix: single and double quotes within the css code printed in the page of the sitemap were replaced by their html entities.
  • Fix: the format of the date displayed as a meta information did not match the value set in the ‘General Settings’ page of WordPress.
  • Fix: the drop-down list of pages contained in the ‘General’ settings page was not ordered according to the order set in the ‘Pages’ screen.
  • Fix: on upgrade the version number stored in the database was not updated.

1.1.1 (13 June 2012)

  • Fix: the list of posts was generated even though the ‘Include’ checkbox was unticked.
  • Fix: the javascript file was not included in the settings page.

1.1 (9 June 2012)

  • Complete source code refactoring.
  • Improved security.
  • Explicitly checks for WordPress compatibility.
  • Renamed the settings menu title as ‘SiteTree’.
  • Added an option to show a ‘Powered by SiteTree’ notice (disabled by default).
  • New: cleaner settings page layout.
  • New: selectively choose to show posts count.
  • New: exclude specific categories.
  • New: wrap each list into a <div> or <section> tag.
  • New: group posts by author.
  • Fix: whenever a section did not have content to show, a few empty tags were generated.
  • Fix: a notice showed-up in debug mode when the global variable $post was not set.

1.0 (31 May 2012)

Requires WordPress 3.2 or later.

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