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This plugin has been closed as of 24 Tháng Mười Một, 2022 and is not available for download. Lý do: Vi phạm Guideline.

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3 Tháng Chín, 2016 1 reply
Very good plugin. Simple and does what it should. I agree with DrInnovation's review. A few notes for people that want to use it, there's was a typo in the example (the / was missing in the last line) it should be: Sample content experiment: [experiment id="EXPERIMENT ID"] [ex_variant] content for first variation [/ex_variant] [ex_variant] content for second variation [/ex_variant] [/experiment] The plugin assumes there is no original, it will just switch between the variations, remember this when you create the experiment in Google Analytics (i.e. if you want to split-test between two variations, you have an original listed (a bogus listing) and two variations -- the url's you list don't matter - but you also read that in the description "Content Experiments Without Redirects (Browser-only implementation)").
3 Tháng Chín, 2016
Works fine and is simple to use and makes small changes testing easier. Almost drop to 4 stars as the instructions imply it is more complex and I wasted time trying to do all the steps listed. The whole discussion of the google tag manager is "optional".. it may provide more information but it is overkill for just doing basic A/B type experiments in a page. All you need is to install plugin, insert short code fill in experiment ID and run experiment. Another important thing, mentioned on the cited google document pages, is that you ignore the warnings about URLs when getting the experiment ID. Don't add any google experiment code on the page, just make sure it has analytics. I'm still using Google Content Experiments plugin as well, which is easier for full page testing (when the pages are not simple variations of each other, e.g. major different layouts, widgets, breaking a page into 2-3 pages, etc..)
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