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Get Page Link By ID

Mô tả

We are experise in wordpress development, We have seen lots of complications in getting page permanent link by code with normal users. Developers have lots of ways to add page/post link in content area. And other available plugins have lots of complications which are not easy to use for normal users of wordpress.

Here we introduce very simple plugin for getting page link by id. This is used by very unique function names so no contriction with any other available plugin of wordpress. Apart from that its made by very basic codes of wordpress in that way there would be no issue in any version of wordpress. It means its compatible with all wordpress versions, you can use it with anyone.


Link with page title example
Shortcode: [pagelink id="123"][/pagelink]
Result: <a href="">Page/Post Title</a>

Link with custom page/post title
Shortcode: [pagelink id="456"]Custom Title[/pagelink]
Result: <a href="">Custom Title</a>

Cài đặt

Download the plugin (zip file). Upload and activate the plugin through the “Plugins” menu in the WordPress admin.

Hỏi đáp

Is it compatible with all versions of wordpress?

YES. We have used very basic functions of wordpress to make this plugin, So their would be no issue of compatibility with any verison of wordpress. We have already tested it with wordpress latest versions.

Will it create any problem with any other plugin we are already using?

NO. We have used very unique function name and shortcode title. After a lots of research and study we saw that developer uses very common names of functions in plugins development which create contridition with other working plugins of wordpress. For making it hassle free we have used very unique names of function.

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