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Shopp Image Tools

Mô tả

Important! This plugin is not currently maintained and will not receive any further bugfixes. If you are a
Shopp-minded developer and are interesting in taking over the reins, though, please feel free to contact me or simply
fork the code/start afresh/whatever you prefer (and apply to the good people at for a new repo here in the
plugin directory if that is fastest) 🙂

  • No limit on the number of images you can convert
  • Optionally remove the old images from the database after migration

Shopp Image Tools is a utility plugin for users of the Shopp e-commerce plugin.
By default, Shopp is configured so that product images are stored in the database, this means additional database
use every time one of these images is fetched.

While this mode can be turned off there is no built-in mechanism to pull the images back out of the database and
store them as regular files – that is what this plugin is designed to help with. It now also includes tools to
clean-up the database that you can optionally enable.


This plugin was written by Barry Hughes, a Vancouver Island based cloud-head and core
Shopp developer.

Ảnh màn hình

  • Shopp Image Tools can be accessed from the Shopp Setup menu - its nestled conveniently under the existing Setup > Images option. It provides a summary of how many images are stored in the database, the file system or elsewhere (elsewhere might mean Amazon S3 or another silo). The conversion tool is one click away and switching Direct Image Mode on and off is just as easy.

Cài đặt

This plugin should be installed as per any other plugin. Upload the .zip archive via the plugin admin page or
upload the uncompressed shopp-image-tools directory via FTP, then activate via the plugin admin page.

Hỏi đáp

Why migrate images from the database to the filesystem

Very often, especially when Shopp is being used in a shared hosting environment, this allows for far faster
delivery of images and reduces the burden on server resources considerably.

What Should I Do Before Converting?

Set up a directory to store your disk based images, something like wp-content/uploads/shopp is fine. You will
need to adjust the Shopp System settings to reflect this … if in doubt, seek advice from the Shopp documentation.

As soon as you’re done, get back to Shopp Image Tools and run the conversion tool. No need to worry – if you
haven’t set something up properly, it will very likely tell you the problem!

As always, you should back-up before making any major adjustments to your system and remember: a back-up is useless
if you do not know how to restore it.

What about Direct Mode?

Traditionally (and even now, if you elect to store product images in the database) all image requests flowed through
the Shopp Image Server. Though that is pretty much as fast and streamlined as it can be, it still incurs additional

Previous versions of this plugin introduced Direct Image Mode which allowed your web server (ie, Apache) to serve
images directly – without any further overhead. I’m pleased to say this functionality is now baked into Shopp itself
and so Direct Image Mode has been removed from all Shopp 1.3-oriented versions of this plugin.

Removing Old Images

Once images have successfully been migrated to the file system the old copy, by default, remains in the database.
This is intentional as the plugin aims to be as non-destructive as possible. However, some people may wish to remove
unused copies of images from the database completely for performance reasons or simply as a matter of good housekeeping.

Version 1.1 introduces a toolset to do just this. You can instruct the Conversion Tool to clean up after successfully
migrating images and if you forget to do this you can also use the Orphan Cleanup Tool to locate disused images within
the database and purge them. I strongly recommend that you back-up before using these tools.

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Nhật ký thay đổi


  • Retooled for Shopp 1.3 (and tested against the WP 3.8 release candidate)
  • Direct Image Mode removed as no longer necessary
  • Version numbering brought into line with that of Shopp itself


  • Fix for anti-timeout mechanism (orphan finder)


  • Added cleanup tools to optionally remove images from the database (once they have been successfully moved to the
  • Improved feedback: the summary of totals now updates as the conversion job progresses
  • Thanks to Albert Boddema for supporting this release


  • Public release