Semonto – Uptime monitoring, Broken Links and SSL

Mô tả

Semonto watches your website 24/7 and alerts you if there is a problem.
This way, you can fix the issue before anyone notices.

With Semonto, you can be sure that:
* Your website is up
* All links and buttons are working
* The security certificate is valid (HTTPS)
* Your server is healthy

This WordPress plugin connects your website to Semonto.
An active Semonto account is required.

The results are displayed in the Semonto dashboard.

You will also receive a monthly uptime report with a detailed
performance of your website.


  • Uptime monitoring:
    • Know if your website is reachable.
  • Broken link monitoring
    • Know if all buttons and links are working
  • HTTPS and SSL monitoring
    • Make sure the connection is secure (the green padlock)
  • Mixed content monitoring
    • Monitor if all the elements on your website are secure
  • Server Health monitoring
    • Test whether your server is healthy (load, database, etc.)
  • Content checks
    • Check whether your website is not returning a blank page or if
      someone has not accidentally deleted something important from
      your code.

Other cool things you can do in Semonto

  • Generate a PDF performance report
  • Add team members to your account
  • Create your own server tests


This plugin is officially developed by Semonto.

Questions and Support

Find more info, help pages and our contact details
on Semonto

Terms Of Service
Privacy Policy

Development and issues

Feel free to file issues, or suggest code changes in our Github Repo

Ảnh màn hình

  • Plugin settings page
  • Monitor status
  • Load test result

Cài đặt

The installation and configuration of the plugin is straightforward

  • Get the plugin
  • Install and activate the plugin in WordPress.
  • If you don’t have a Semonto account yet, Go
    to Semonto, and create an account.
  • If you want to monitor the health of a website:
    • Go to Semonto, add a new Website and enter the URL of your website.
    • Done! Semonto will notify you of downtime, broken links, security
      issues and more.
  • If you want to monitor the health of your WordPress server in more depth:
    • Go to Semonto, go to Server Health
    • Hit Add Server
    • Enter the Health endpoint as shown in the plugin page, and create
      a server health endpoint. Select WordPress as Framework.
    • Create the server

Hỏi đáp

What do I need to use this plugin?

An active Semonto account is required.

How will I be notified of issues?

There are plenty of notification options to choose from:

  • E-mail (default)
  • SMS
  • Voice call
  • Webhooks
  • Push notifications (download the app)
  • Message in your Slack channel

Can I keep the server health data private?

If you want to keep the health data secret, enter the Secret key you
get from Semonto in the plugin settings. You can revoke or change this
at any time.

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Version 1.0.1 (Feb 23rd, 2024)

  • Initial release