Scroll Up Sticky Header for Total

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Displays the Total theme’s sticky header only when scrolling up so it will be hidden as you scroll down the page. This is an addon exclusive for the Total Theme for WordPress, it will not do anything when used with other themes.

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28 Tháng Mười, 2021
Amazing plugin that just works. The developer is great in responding messages and really takes pride in his work. If you don’t have the Total theme. You’re missing out!
11 Tháng Mười Một, 2020
This is a very cool add-on to the Total theme. The action of having the sticky header appear when the scrolling ‘changes direction’ is a style that is catching on with some very big name sites like ‘Nike’ and ‘Stantec’. Adding it to your total theme is super easy.. and worth having in your design tools. Great Job!!
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  • Fix – When refreshing the page while scrolled past the header would cause an initial “flash”.
  • Fix – When refreshing the page while scrolled past the header the sticky functionality would not work as intended and would continue showing the header until you scrolled past the point where you had initially refreshed the page.
  • Update – Changed the Tested Up to tag.


  • Update – Changed the script to use vanilla JS instead of jQuery.
  • Update – The scroll eventListener is now “passive”.
  • Update – The plugin now has support for Total v5.3.


  • Fix – The js file was missing since it failed to commit on 1.0.1.


  • Fix – There was a safari bug where the header might show if you reach the bottom of the site.
  • Update – Minified the js file.


  • First official release.