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SceneChat – Socially Ignite the Videos on Your Website

Mô tả

SceneChat is a self-serve solution for marketers looking to increase video
engagement and conversions. The platform provides the easiest, most flexible
solution for creating, publishing and analyzing interactive social video
marketing campaigns – without the need for video editors or Flash developers.

SceneChat enables the creation of interactive experiences that can be synced
to specific scenes within a video, engaging audiences as they consume content.
Interactions can be timed messages or questions, graphics, URL links, polls,
or multiple choice questions that can navigate a video. With SceneChat,
marketers are able to design sophisticated interactions that engage audiences
at the best time during video consumption – providing scene-relevant
interaction that gathers data while driving conversions.

SceneChat experiences can be broadly distributed via Facebook or Twitter, or
directly embedded on a publisher’s site or blog. In addition, the company
offers both a WordPress plugin and on-site code that enables experiences to be
directly published onto a site.

A free trial is available enabling anyone to start an account and instantly
create and deploy interactive videos for 30 days without restriction. After 30
days customers can continue using the service for as little as $10 per month.
A “Forever-Free” option is available for users with less than 200 views per

Ảnh màn hình

  • SceneChat Video Socialization Drop-down
  • SceneChat Publisher Portal
  • Activating the SceneChat Wordpress Plugin
  • Entering Your SceneChat Account ID

Cài đặt

SceneChat takes about 5 minutes to install and setup.
(Note: It does require you to register your email address at

Installation and Setup:

  1. Use WordPress’ plugin installer to find and install SceneChat. Or, if you prefer to install manually, extract the .zip into your ./wp-content/plugins. directory.

  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.

  3. Click on “Setup” to enter your SceneChat “Account ID”.
    (Your SceneChat Account ID can be found in your SceneChat Welcome email.)

Congrats! The SceneChat Video Drop-down should now be visible on your videos.

Moderator Account Setup:

As a moderator you can delete any comment and leave comments that pop-up along the video timeline.

(Note: Requires having a Facebook account & completing above installation)

  1. Login to the SceneChat Publisher Portal here:

  2. Click “Setup” next to “Moderator”.

  3. Navigate to a SceneChat enabled video. From within the SceneChat video drop-down click the Facebook “F” to login via Facebook – you can now delete any comment, and your pop-up comments appear in grey.

Hỏi đáp

What is SceneChat?

SceneChat is a social video marketing platform designed for brands, agencies
and publishers. SceneChat adds a social toolbar to embedded videos on a
website. This enables you to add time-based interactivity such as polls,
messages and navigation to scenes within your videos. Interactive experiences
can be shared within your social network or hosted on your site or blog.

Why should I use SceneChat on my blog?

SceneChat’s interactivity and social sharing capabilities enables you to keep
audiences engaged, gather data and drive new traffic to your site. In
addition, we provide a data dashboard where you can see responses, viewing and
sharing analytics. SceneChat provides insight into which content is drawing
the most viewers and who your best influencers are bringing new traffic to
your site.

Which video players does it support?

Our current release supports YouTube. We are working on Vimeo. Our plan is to
support other players such as JWPlayer and FlowPlayer in subsequent releases.
If you have a specific player you would like to see us support drop us a line

Is there a cost for the SceneChat service or plugin?

SceneChat costs as little as $10 per month – depending on video views. Higher
tiered options are available for more video views. We provide a Forever Free
option for users serving under 200 views per month. Visit for
full list of prices.

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