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Responsive video embed plugin is a lightweight and simple video embedding plugin that will create responsive video embeds to your site.

It is possible to create responsive video embed by:

1) Simply copy pasting embed video URL into editor

2) Using a shortcode manually

[rve src=”embed video url” ratio=”video aspect ratio”]

src = URL of the embedded video

ratio = either ’16by9′ / ‘4by3′ / ’21by9’ / ‘1by1’ (optional), 16by9 is by default

3) Using the shortcode automatically by clicking on Embed video button and typing in video embed URL and selecting aspect ratio.


When Guterbeg is in use, you can use the shortcode-block to insert the shortcode.

Cài đặt

  1. Download the plugin. Activate via Plugin-settings.
  2. Use the plugin as descripbed in the description.

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10 Tháng Mười, 2023
Simple and work without edit existing video embedded!
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  • Add translations support
  • Add Finnish as first translation
  • Modify function names


  • Create specific naming for css (fix the possible errors with Bootstrap 3 sites)


  • Change to Bootstrap 4 in css
  • Support for additional aspect ratios: 21by9 and 1by1


  • Support for allowfullscreen


  • Enable to just paste video URL into content
  • Add Embed video button


  • First version