RentMy Real-Time Rental Management Plugin

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Choose the most powerful rental management plugin available to your Clients, and get unrivaled support and tools for the #1 eCommerce solution designed exclusively rental/hire businesses.

The RentMy plugin complements your website design while permitting Customers to browse, reserve and securely pay (on your client’s domain). RentMy handles the product availability, pricing, alerts and reminders and more.

Install and move on; live, US-based RentMy Client support is there to help your Clients get accustomed to their new order and inventory management platform.


Create in the RentMy ecosystem to gain exclusive access to RentMy leads and a generous revenue-sharing benefit. Contact RentMy Sales ( for special pricing for your development agency.

Powered by the rental management platform
This plugin provides instant, easy access to the RentMy API to provide online booking of everything that can be rented: from bounce houses to boats and dumpsters to drones, RentMy does it all! Seamlessly integrate the RentMy plugin into your website and start taking orders online today!

Real-time availability
As you accept rental reservations on your website or via the RentMy point of sale system, the plugin automatically adjusts the availability of your items.

Flexible rental periods
Set up fixed time slots, pre-defined durations, or let your customers choose a rental period freely. The advanced RentMy price controller offers basic to multi-tier pricing schedules. You can even set seasonal pricing rules.

Exact start times
Set up rentals with exact start times and durations! Great for tours, resorts, gyms, equipment rentals, coworking spaces, vacation homes, and so much more!

Get paid faster
Integrated payment processing allows you to accept online payments using your preferred merchant processor (like Stripe, Square,, First American, FiTech, GoEmerchant, FreedomPay and others)from customers around the world.

Customizable and translatable
You get full control over descriptions, colors, and translations. Select your currency, update labels to your language preference and more.

Easy DIY setup

  • Install the plugin and you’re ready to accept real-time online rental reservations.
  • Easily import products to populate your inventory.
  • Add one of many payment gateways

Powerful reports
Asset utilization
ROI reports
Customer reports
Delivery reports
Pick lists
and more!

RentMy rental software works with your favorite apps
Works alongside WooCommence.
Works with Elementor
Works with WP Engine
Works with Stripe
Works with Quickbooks
Works with ShipEngine (for drop-shipping via USPS, UPS & FedEx)

See RentMy in Action:

Monster Tote
Vivian Grace Creations
Rent Mason Bees
Silverline Powersports
MedFirst Homecare
Viva Camera
Jett City

Ảnh màn hình

  • Product widgets, real-time availability and floating cart
  • Checkout
  • RentMy backend
  • Rental Calendar

Cài đặt

  1. Install the RentMy Real-Time Rental Management Plugin in your WordPress admin by going to Plugins > Add New and searching for ‘RentMy’ or -if doing a manual install- download the plugin and unzip into your /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.


  1. Sign up for a RentMy account at if you haven’t already.
  2. In RentMy: Perform the basic configuration of your store (e.g basic contents, payment gateway, rental day & time setup, etc.)
  3. In RentMy: Add at least one product
  4. In RentMy: Navigate to setting > Apps and add an app to generate the API keys
  5. In WordPress: Fill in your Store UID, API key, and secret key in the RentMy plugin settings page.
  6. In WordPress: View newly added pages and widgets for catalog page, product detail, and full checkout experience on your WP site.
  7. In WordPress: Embed a product, product button or product list to any post or page using shortcodes.

Đánh giá

17 Tháng Mười Một, 2021
We really enjoy working with the RentMy folks. They have listened to our requested and implemented them frequently. They are constantly adding features and requests and making it work with Wordpress so we can keep using it without adding extra items to Wordpress. This plugin works quite well for our rental business.
15 Tháng Tư, 2020
Support technique A1 Merci Rentmy, votre software est l'outil idéale pour mon entreprise de location et de vente. Avec mon inventaire de plus de 10000 items , j'ai besoin d'une plateforme unique qui me permet de gerer mon inventaire, la présenter sur mon site internet et me connecter de n'importe-ou a mon POS. Le suport technique est disponible au delas de mes attentes toujours conviviale et respectueux meme si j'ai beaucoup / souvent des questions. ''Le service est disponible en francais'' Merci à toute l'équipe de Rentmy, le succes de mon entreprise est optimisé grace à votre remarquable travail. Je vous réfère à 100% Michel from JAGA Technical support A1 Thank you Rentmy, your software is the ideal tool for my rental and sales business. With my inventory of over 10,000 items, I need a unique platform that allows me to manage my inventory, present it on my website and connect from anywhere or to my POS. Technical support is available beyond my expectations, always friendly and respectful even if I have many / often questions. '' The service is available in French '' Thank you to the whole Rentmy team, the success of my company is optimized thanks to your remarkable work. I refer you to 100% Michel from JAGA
2 Tháng Tư, 2020
I use RenyMy as a rental software for our plastic tote rental business in the moving industry. I have found that the ordering process for our customers is very simple and straight forward with minimal steps. This process is the same for laptop and mobile devices, which are very important to capture all audiences. There is flexibility with the software and one can customize it based on their business. I believe as the company continues to grow so will added features, benefits, and reporting.
1 Tháng Tư, 2020
This software offers diverse features for managing your rental business. My business ships rental units to customers and the software offers some shipping management features. It also offers texting features to customers. The graphical interface is user friendly and easy to use. The plug-in continues to add more features and the developers are responsive.
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  • Update order receipt pdf


  • Update date selection behavior on checkout


  • Bug fixed for product options regarding extended modern checkout experience


  • Bug fixed for cart experience


  • Bug fixed for product options in checkout experience


  • Add to cart bug fixed for modern view


  • Enhance checkout process with modern view


  • update dynamic contents


  • update modern view


  • Added stripe 3ds on checkout


  • Added new, modern UI for enhanced product display


  • Improve custom checkout


  • Enhance customer portal


  • Improved WPEngine caching experience
  • Added WordPress Block theme support


  • Enhance checkout with stripe payment intent


  • Enhance checkout with dynamic contents


  • Enhance checkout with some custom css


  • Enhance localization


  • Update dynamic contents on checkout


  • Update delivery module


  • Enhance checkout with custom dynamic contents


  • Enhance customer portal


  • Enhance customer portal


  • Enhance checkout process


  • Enhance customer profile


  • Enhance customer authentication for WP engine


  • Enhance advanced delivery breakdown


  • Enhance checkout from related items


  • Enhance delivery module default selection


  • Enhance shipping module & cart integration process


  • Enhance customer portal


  • Enhance partial payments & integrate shipping amount


  • Enhance customer module & authentication


  • Enhance checkout with product options in packages & enhance downpayment UI


  • Enhance checkout with enduring rental


  • Enhance checkout with multiple additional service charge


  • Enhance rental date picker for updating production option pricing


  • Enhance delivery experience


  • Enhance cart experience & added mini cart short code


  • Enhance product options checkout experience & delivery module on checkout


  • Bug fixed for Price update on product options & variants


  • Fix redirect issue after customer login


  • Add tax amount with amount pay


  • Add customer login / registration shortcode


  • bug fixed for time formatting


  • add down payment options for square payment gateway in checkout


  • add square payment gateway in checkout


  • update pickup cost


  • update vue cdn


  • fix email issue for pickup


  • Add email on shipping during checkout


  • Fix product images based on variants


  • Adding new shortcodes for Product searching, Product list with catalog & filter, Grids, Order details


  • add free shipping options & fix production option json data format


  • Fix customer login from wp, product options pricing problem on initial load


  • Remove debugging codes, undefined variables & functions


  • Bug fix for order confirmation redirection


  • Default date/time options when date picker is hidden


  • WP Engine solution
  • Display images based on product variants on product details page


  • Updated checkout experience
  • Improved Exact Start Time feature


  • Allow product list by status


  • Stripe and Apple Pay/Google Pay update


  • Tax Class update – Complete tax system upgraded to work with tax classes


  • Apple Pay display


  • Minor datepicker update


  • Add shortcode to view products by product id on the catalog page


  • Add checkout option to show/hide fulfillment


  • Add product details shortcode
  • Add WP SSO feature


  • Add deposit amount to cart and checkout
  • Improved the Terms and conditions display


  • Added new shortcodes and improved Additional Order Services display


  • New Feature: Additional Order Services can be added and charged during checkout
  • Add “Same as Billing” option to copy billing address to shipping or delivery address


  • Add volume packing as a shipping method


  • RentMy Customer login using Customer portal


  • Show single page checkout when enabled in store config


  • Allow multiple product list shortcodes on one page


  • Created single page checkout experience
  • Resolved file upload issue


  • Updated checkout options and display


  • Updated shipping and date picker issues


  • Added custom date formatting
  • Added minimum payment functionality to checkout
  • Updated lead time function in date picker