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This plugin has been closed as of 24 Tháng Bảy, 2023 and is not available for download. Lý do: Vi phạm Guideline.

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10 Tháng Năm, 2021 1 reply
The plugin is easy to use and well thought out. I must say, before going any futher, if you need live chat on your website this plugin is the best I have found and I have tried a lot. Grab the free account on Rake while you can because they could charge a fee monthly for that and it would be well worth it. Their free version is not crippled in any way and is only limited to less users but you still get 10 users. Its amazing for live and automated chat, connects with facebook messenger, SMS texting (you get a free number and text credits if customers want to talk to you through text!) and you can bring your own twilio from what I understand. They have Google My Business messenger coming and also email support. So the service connected to this app can basically handle ALL of your comunication for your business except answer the phone! Plus it also works like the premium version of Slack to communicate within your team! And it can be your project manager. All for free if your team is 10 people or less. I don’t work for them, not connected to them, I just can’t believe what a great product this is! I am trying to figure out what the catch is. I guess they can make money from the SMS if you use that a lot (and customers like that) so I would be glad to pay for the sms messages to use all of this. I initially tried to place the JS code on my site and that wasn’t working but then I sent the developer email from Rake.ai to myself and that is when I learned of the plugin. Maybe Rake should make this more clear in the installation section of their product as many of the developers are who will be setting up the widget on Rake. Once you use the plugin though it is easy as cake to set up and use Rake Live Chat widget on your website. I can’t say enough good things about this plugin or the product it is connected to and their support is among the best I have ever experienced. 10 stars if I could this is amazing!
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