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QPMN POD by QP Group

Mô tả

QPMN is a printing company backed by Q P Group with 35+ years of experience in drop shipping and POD services. They offer an all-in-one POD system and customisation platform, removing limitations on e-commerce platforms. Customers can get bulk discounts by combining multiple small orders with different designs and dates into one order.
-100% Free to use
-Over 1,000 Premium Products

Why choose us

  1. Quality Guarantee
    Our dedicated QA team ensures error-free orders and satisfied customers
  2. Order Automation
    Maximize your marketing efforts by minimizing product design time
  3. Maximise Profit
    Competitive pricing is made possible by print providers competing for business

How its work

  1. Register and add plugin into your ecommerce
  2. Choose your product to sell
  3. We automatic fulfil your order and fulfilment

Ảnh màn hình

  • QPMN Integration Settings
  • QPMN Shipping Settings

Cài đặt

Please ensure you are a partner of QPMN before you follow the steps below. Or you can create a QPMN partner account on

Set up in WordPress

  1. To use this plugin, you are required to have a WordPress site with Woocommerce.
  2. Download and upload ‘QPMN POD by QP Group’ to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

Set up in QPMN

  1. Create a QPMN partner account
  2. Connect your site to QPMN in the Partner Center

Hỏi đáp


After you receive orders from your customers, you can send those orders to QPMN and combine them as a single order to enjoy the bulk discount. Then our experienced team will start the production and ship it to the customers under your brand.

Is there a setup fee?

No setup fee is required for any of our personalized products. There are no hidden charges. You pay for the cost of your customers’ order, plus the applicable shipping charge. That’s all.

What is the minimum quantity required to order?

Due to our advanced digital process, there is no minimum quantity required to order. You or your customer can order one of each of our products, or a thousand of each of our products. It’s entirely up to your needs.

Is there any MOQ?

QPMN has an advanced digital process that doesn’t require a minimum quantity to order. You or your customer can order as little as one or as many as a thousand of each product based on your needs.

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First release


Fixed uninstall failure


Add configurable product support


Allow user to enable/disable QPMN shipping method


Add compatibility with ajax add to cart


Fix bugs


Add configurable product price support


Fix bugs


Fix bugs


Performance improve


add sticker library supprort


fix sku product page display bug


Add finshed product support


Add mockup support


Add moq support


Remove cart moq control