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One Click Conversion with Automated Conversion Optimization
Website: www.qisstpay.com/1click
QisstPay offers 1-Click checkout that allows merchant to reduce cart
abandonment and make 32% more conversion. It allows users to
save their information (encrypted & secured) with QisstPay and
checkout with just 1-Click on all our merchant stores. The friction is
minimized which helps increase sales and increase customer base
due to exceptional checkout speed.
Merchant gets access to a merchant portal which includes
exceptional features including analytics dashboard, custom
checkout view builder and most importantly, merchants can add
payment methods of their own choice and use customer view
builder to test different APMs and monitor real time results through
our advanced merchant dashboard.
QP 1-Click comes with a huge pool of different payment options for
our merchants to integrate with:
1) Stripe – also includes Apple Pay & Google Pay.
2) Split it
3) Checkout
4) Affirm
5) Klarna
6) PayPal
4) BitPay
5) Adyen
6) Zip
and many more coming soon…
Apart from US, QisstPay also operates in Pakistan and provides BNPL
services in the country apart from 1-Click universal checkout
1) Stripe
2) Split it
3) Checkout
4) EasyPaisa
5) QisstPay
6) Direct Bank Transfer
7) Nift
8) Cash on delivery – only on 1-Click
and many more coming soon…
QisstPay 1-Click also provides with Headless Commerce. Merchants
can allow their customers to checkout in JUST 1 CLICK from array of
customer points including email, product page, blogs, ads – fb,
Instagram etc.
Our Universal Checkout opens in a pop-up window without any
redirections from user’s page, reducing all friction towards the
checkout process.
Integrate with QisstPay today and become part of our global
QisstPay community – includes 1500+ merchants globally.
Visit our website to book a demo: www.qisstpay.com/1click
Visit our website: www.qisstpay.com/1click

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