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PWA+PHP Picasa Web Albums for WordPress

Mô tả

Re-Auth Required: AuthSub (used by PWA+PHP to connect to your Private albums) is going away. This change impacts all users accessing Private albums via PWA+PHP and v0.9.8 will stop working on April 20th.

PWA+PHP is a lightweight solution for displaying your private (unlisted) and public Picasa Albums within WordPress in your language using Fancybox, Shadowbox or Lightbox. The plugin provides a guided installer that helps you generate your gdata token and set display options for your albums.

PWA+PHP extends the capabilites of Picasa albums, allowing you to group albums by keywords in the title. Using this capability, you can create several photo pages in WordPress and show different groups of albums on each page. You can even allow users to download full-size copies of your images.

PWA+PHP’s configuration options allow you to customize the look and feel of your albums, including thumbnail and image size, images per page, caption settings and display language, without modifying any code. The included CSS file can also be tweaked to your liking for an exact match with your existing website. The div-based layout is fluid and adjusts automatically to fit your theme.

Check out the demo to see the code in action.

Basic Version Features

  • Embed all your public, private and unlisted Picasa web albums on any website
  • Group and filter albums using keywords in the album title
  • Uploaded images via email, web interface or desktop app and see them instantly
  • Display image totals for the entire gallery and by album
  • Configure caption settings with 4 options
  • Allow users to download full-size copies of your images
  • Install script guides setup and token generation for private albums
  • Interface configuration via 16 variables (image size, thumbnail size, pagination, etc)
  • Modify included CSS file to match your site exactly
  • Available in 8 languages and extensible to others!
  • Hide Video: Option to suppress display of video thumbnails
  • Improved compatibility with WPtouch iPhone theme in v0.7

Additional Pro Version Features

  • Comments: Show photo’s comments in Shadowbox, allow users to add comments to photos, and show recent comments in widget
  • Cache Thumbnails: Save thumbnails on server for faster page loads
  • Album Cover Shortcode: Show album cover thumbnail in a post instead of album contents
  • Random Album Shortcode: Show random album, instead of random photo

Ảnh màn hình

  • Main gallery view, description on mouse over
  • View of images in album
  • Full-size image in a Shadowbox
  • Settings page
  • Hover display option

Cài đặt

  1. Extract the archive within the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Open the Settings section and click on PWA+PHP
  4. Complete the setup (token generation and options)
  5. Create a new page with contents [pwaplusphp] or [pwaplusphp album="album_name"] or [pwaplusphp album="random_photo"] or [pwaplusphp filter="keyword"] or [pwaplusphp tag="sometag"]
  6. Check out the full guide and report bugs as necessary.
  7. Follow PWA+PHP on Twitter for news about issues and new releases.

Hỏi đáp

No photos, just ‘Gallery photos in Albums’

This indicates an issue with your webserver’s ability to connect to Picasa. See Issue 23

What if I don’t want to display private (unlisted) albums?

After the token generation step, simply set the “Public Albums Only” option to TRUE.

How do I filter albums?

See our wiki

PWA+PHP is not working with Lightbox, why?

Please use Lightbox 2 plugin by Rupert Morris, it provides the Lightbox effect and works as expected with PWA+PHP.

PWA+PHP is not working with Highslide, why?

Install Auto Highslide, it works as expected with PWA+PHP.

When I hover over an album, the detail overlay is either too big or too small. Why?

The CSS file that ships with PWA+PHP assumes an album thumbnail of 160px. If you change that size via the settings page, you may need to adjust the CSS settings by changing the 90% and 100% values on the a.overlay:hover line.

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Những người đóng góp

Nhật ký thay đổi


  • Fixed re-auth bug introduced in 0.9.13


  • Check if public only is false before calling oauth2 token refresh


  • Disabled debug mode


  • Fixed typo affecting private albums in showAlbumContents.php


  • Added code to suppress notices from PHP


  • Replaced AuthSub private album authentication with OAuth2.


  • Fixed pagination bug in WP 4.0
  • Replaced deprecated split function calls with explode in showAlbumContents.php


  • New: Hide G+ (or any) albums by name via shortcode, e.g. [pwaplusphp hide_albums=”Auto Backup,Another One”]
  • Bug fix: News item titles on settings page
  • Tested up to WP v3.9.1


  • Bug fix: Issue 145, Fixed caption now shown
  • Bug fix: Issue 170, Fixed pagination to support WP 3.4+
  • Updated settings page with current pro settings and purchase options


  • Bug fix: Issue 140, Fixes single quote problem for alt attribute.
  • Bug fix: Issue 124, Better integration with wptouch
  • Bug fix: Issue 122, one_random now supports thumbnail_size override


  • Added News & Announcements to settings page to communicate updates, known issues, and other important information.
  • New ability to override the username within shortcode to display any user’s public album and albums for different users on each page.
  • Bug fix: Issue 98, API Bug causes first image in album to display full size
  • Bug fix: Issue 86, Caching broken for some installs
  • Bug fix: Issue 83, 404 error when clicking either thumbnail or text link.
  • Bug fix: Issue 73, Album title and ‘back to album’ link not displayed.
  • Bug fix: Issue 72, Setting ‘Albums Per Page’ not saved.
  • Bug fix: Issue 78, Paginated Albums Won’t Open.
  • Bug fix: Issue 79, Drop Box Always Shown


  • Added ability to paginate the albums page for users with large number of albums
  • Added ability to override image size, images per page and thumbnail size within the shortcode to allow for individual albums to have specific settings.
  • Fixed Issue 63.


  • Bug fix: fixed issue where username is displayed as title when using tags


  • Bug fix: removed debug URL echo from the top the album page. User can also delete line: echo $file from dumpAlbumList.php.


  • Added new shortcode option, ‘tag’, to display photos matching tags in all albums or in a specific album when paired with ‘album’ option.
  • Added ‘Settings’ link underneath the plugin name on the Plugins page for easier access to the settings after install
  • Updated the settings page target so that the user is returned to the settings page after clicking Update button
  • Fixed problem with pagination so that the Pages div is not displayed unless there are multiple pages of results


  • Added new display mode ‘Custom Style’ with no hardcoded CSS style in the code. Users have complete control of the look and feel via style.css.
  • Renamed “Show Photo Caption” option on settings page to “Display Style”
  • Fixed display bug for captions with apostrophes.


  • Display tweaks for enhanced compatibility with WPtouch iPhone Theme in mobile browsers
  • Fixed display bug with Overlay caption mode in Firefox
  • Fixed Language variable issue in album cover shortcode when used in sidebar
  • Fixed several layout issues for better theme compatibility
  • Moved some remaining CSS in PHP files to CSS file for easier customization
  • Pro version: Added links to full image in recent comments block
  • Pro version: Fixed bug with comment image display


  • Slick new settings page with WP look and feel
  • Option to upgrade to Pro Version for comments, caching and new shortcodes
  • Fixed broken v0.5 Hide Video Option
  • Added ability to regenerate gdata token w/o remove re-add


  • New option allows for use of uncropped thumbnails
  • New “Overlay” display option, using CSS from MyPHPDropBoxGallery
  • New option to specify date format on album page
  • Updated images per page option to allow any integer value


  • New option allows for different size album and photo thumbnails
  • New options to set trim length for descriptions and captions via settings panel
  • Re-designed install panel with settings in groups
  • Forced “always” caption mode for IE6 users when using “hover” caption mode


  • Beta version – added filter functionality to shortcode and caption display options in gallery view


  • Alpha version – initial release.