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PushFlew- Free Web & Mobile Push Notifications, Email popups and Email Drip Sequences

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Web Push Notifications – A Brand New Way Of Marketing

1 App, 3 Features : Push Notifications + Email Popups + Email Sequences Everything for free!

  • Recover abandoned carts, boost sales and up-sell your products with automated push notifications
  • Get users back to your store with smart re-targeting, drive repeat sales and capture your paid traffic
  • Build email lists and engage your customers with personalized pop-ups that increase conversions
  • Here’s a glimpse of what we can do for you..

    1. Segmentation for Personalized Engagement
    2. Because sending the same message to everyone is Spamming

      Your customers expect more attention from you these days and you are bound to cater to this growing need. This is where personalization steps in, helping you to cater to different user personas, different user journeys and different user behavior.

      Do not send generic notifications to your users or you may end up being marked as a spammer. Rather segment them on the basis of location, interests, devices, etc. to make your every message look designed for a particular user only.

      Feature set:

      • Event Based Segmentation
      • TimeZone Support
      • Hyperlocal Targeting
      • Device Level Targeting
      • Rule Based User Segmentation

    3. Automatic Content Rotation

    4. Because engaging every user is important. Everyone, the way they like it, at regular intervals

      Don’t have the time to decide on a separate push strategy and then plan on the content sequence? Get it done automatically now with PushFlew which will automatically pick up content from your content store and send it your users at regular intervals. Your warm leads will never turn cold now.

      Feature set:

      • Multi Domain Support
      • Customizing Permission Dialog
      • Browser Support – 7 browser support

    5. Push for each URL

    6. Because Each Page Doesn’t Has The Same Strategy

      Every website has its high’s and low’s and we totally understand that. It is just for that we let you show push on specific pages that you want.

      PushFlew offers a solution that caters to your persona. Different objectives need different experiences.

      Using this you can show different push notifications on different landing pages which also helps you in segmenting your users on the basis of the URL they visited.

      Feature set:

      • REST API’s for Developers
      • Ready Campaigns and Plugins For eCommerce
      • Automated Drip Campaigns for Content Marketing
      • OnBoarding Campaigns for Product Managers

    7. Drip Automation

    8. Because Time, like Money is precious

      With PushFlew, you can automate your user engagement campaigns, retargeting campaigns without killing the creativity simply by using our pre-designed Drip campaigns.

      Automation at scale that helps you create more time. Helps your marketing teams become more efficient.

      Feature set:

      • Drip Campaigns
      • Retargeting Automation
      • UpSelling and Cross Selling Campaigns

    9. Capture All Your Paid Traffic

    10. Because that hard earned money shouldn’t be put to Waste

      This is one of the main features for which you’ll love PushFlew the most. Anyone running any kind of paid ads (Google, Facebook, etc) has their main goal as driving traffic to their power pages which is followed by trying to engage that traffic.

      With PushFlew you can easily capture the traffic on your site without any additional expense on customer engagement tools.

      Feature set:

      • Abandon Cart pop-ups
      • Pop-ups after x% page scrolling
      • Integration with MailChimp & AWeber

    Why are we better than others?

    • Unlimited messages, subscribers as well as websites,

      Everything available to you for free.

    • New with push?

      Our automated content-rotation for push will take care of that. You can sit back and sip your coffee while your users keep getting notified about your content

    • No spying and selling of data.

      We respect your privacy

    • Don’t want them on your homepage all the time?

      Fine with us. Try them out on your high traffic pages first and direct your customers to other pages from there

    • Cart Abandonment won’t be your nightmare any longer.

      Reduce it by over 60% by our special abandon cart pop-ups, that appears as soon as a user is about to exit your store

    • Tired of running Paid Ads that don’t reap any results?

      Using PushFlew you can easily capture all your paid traffic and increase your visitor’s life span with URL based retargeting

    • Personalized offers, order status, upselling and cross-selling

      to notify your users effectively

    • One step migration.

      If you still don’t like us, you can easily shift. We do not lock you or your subscribers with us in anyway

    • Personal PushFlew assistant

      for your account to guide you and give you tips at each and every step

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    Supported On

    1. Chrome: Desktop and Mobile (Android Only).
    2. Firefox: Desktop and Mobile (Android Only).
    3. Safari : Desktop Only


    Ảnh màn hình

    • When you install this plugin for the first time, it will require confirming your email id (Can change it if required and save changes).
    • After you confirm your email id. You can start sending push notifications to your subscribers.
    • If you have already registered your website through then you just have to log in with your pushflew credentials and we will connect it to your existing account and data associated with that.

    Cài đặt

    To configure this module you need to do the following:

    1. Upload (or install) the plugin on the server at Add new->Upload.
    2. Activate the installed plugin.
    3. Once activated, an administrator menu will be created on the bottom left “PushFlew”.
    4. Confirm your email id (Can change it if required and save changes).
    5. Now, the user will be able to see the popup while surfing on your website and if the user allows, you will be able to send the push notification to all the subscribers.

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