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The OTYS Plugin makes your WordPress website a proper recruiting website integrated with OTYS. The integration makes sure every step of the process is automated and no extra work has to be done. Vacancies are automaticly pushed to your website without any hassle.

What is included:
– Vacancies list
– Vacancies filters
– Vacancies keyword search in combination with filters
– Vacancies geo search based on postal code
– Vacancies show selected filters
– Vacancy Detail
– Vacancy Application using dynamic OTYS questionsets
– Open applications using OTYS questionset
– Mail notifications


For more information please see our knowledge base https://wordpress.otys.com/.


  • Added the action ‘otys_cache’ readmore at https://wordpress.otys.com/kb/guide/en/cache-deleted-o50WgXQck1/Steps/2473638
  • delete_transient function does not get used anymore for deleting large amount of cache
  • Added cron that removes expired transients that belong the otys plugin

Changelog from previous versions is available in the plugin folder changelog.txt

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