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Mô tả

NFCBC SEO Light – The light version of Nofollow Case by Case?

You might have heard rumours about pagerank sculpting (old school -> new school).
You might have heard about follow and nofollow links.
You might not love the idea of blocking every single comment link.
You might not love the idea of moderating every single comment link.

How about voting with good links for great comments only?

Supported options of NFCBC SEO Light:

  • No link for very small comments (default: 50 characters).
  • Nofollow link for small comments (default: 170 characters).
  • Follow links for large comments, pings and trackback links.

Default values can be replaced for every single link.

Author link exeptions can be made like this:

Add /dontfollow to the author link to get a nofollow link.
Add /thisfollow to get a follow link.
Add /nolink to show the author name without a link.

more info

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for more information.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but
WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of

Cài đặt

  • Download NFCBC SEO Plugin
  • Uncompress (unzip) the plugin
  • Copy nfcbc-seo-light.php into your wordpress plugins directory (/wp-content/plugins)
  • Activate NFCBC SEO Light on plugins admin page

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