Learning Courses

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Welcome to Learning Courses WP plugin

This plugin is an useful LMS and you can see a video presentation below.

Below some live preview demos

Click on the links below for view all plugin features in action:

  • Single Course view
  • Archive Courses view
  • Single Teacher view
  • Archive Teachers view
  • Account Page view

Ảnh màn hình

  • Archive with search filter with ajax
  • Single course page - description
  • Single course page - reviews
  • Single course page - teachers
  • Single course page - attendees
  • Single course page - documents

Cài đặt

  1. Install and activate the plugin.
  2. Create the page “Courses” and insert the schortcode [nd_learning_courses].
  3. Create the page “Account” and insert the schortcode [nd_learning_account].
  4. Go in the plugin settings ( Learning ), insert your currency and assign the previous pages created to related select field.
  5. Start create your courses, teachers and related taxonomies ( categories ).

Đánh giá

4 Tháng Sáu, 2017
Hello congratulations by the plugin would be amazing if he had the possibility to sell video courses online, he has predicted when will include this great functionalit?
30 Tháng Mười Hai, 2016
I cannot create lessons. I cannot put videos. How can I do a follow-up to my students? Bad Spanish translation (misspeling).
Đọc tất cả 13 đánh giá

Người đóng góp & Lập trình viên

“Learning Courses” là mã nguồn mở. Những người sau đã đóng góp vào plugin này.

Những người đóng góp

Nhật ký thay đổi


  • changed save_post() metabox function


  • added nonce on ajax calls


  • added wp_remote_get() function for external requests ( paypal )


  • sanitize, validate, and escape all datas on POST and GET requests
  • improved plugins_url()
  • added nonce on ajax calls
  • removed import/export feature


  • added compatibility with latest wp version


  • added new icons
  • added new IDs on some elements
  • new header images
  • new post grid layouts for courses and teachers


  • Added ids on some elements in templates/single-course.php


  • Added ids on some elements in templates/single-course.php


  • Added some classes on admin-style.css
  • Added new metabox attendees on admin course page


  • Edit admin settings menu links


  • Connected registration wp option with registration plugin ( during the checkout )


  • Connected registration wp option with registration plugin
  • Added jQuery script on index


  • Edit import export function


  • Added language translations
  • Added some changes on plugin settings


  • Edit priority for customizer


  • Added new layout for courses components
  • Edit addons bookmark and compare
  • Edit related courses on single course page


  • Add Dashboard manage for orders and reviews
  • Add languages


  • Add Follower Add-ons


  • Add review on single teacher
  • Edit single teacher page
  • Edit functions.php
  • Edit style.css file


  • Add some responsive classes, browser testing
  • Add new image size


  • Add some responsive classes
  • Add new layout for search courses


  • Add some responsive classes


  • Add new image size


  • Search Components bug fixed


  • Edit compare shortcode
  • Added Category components
  • Edit Search Components


  • Added documents cpt
  • Added colors customizer


  • Edit search courses page


  • Added compatibility with nd options plugin for breadcrumbs
  • Edit single teacher page


  • Added teachers metabox on single course page
  • Added review system
  • Added comment system


  • Added and remove some info on single course page
  • Added custom image size for courses pos grid
  • Added title on custom search component


  • Added pagination on archive courses and teachers
  • Added addons search for advanced search courses


  • Added calendar and related course addons
  • Edit metabox course and teacher for contact form cf7 on single pages


  • Edit booking addons
  • Added customizer for archive teachers/courses page
  • Added new layout for visual composer courses component
  • Edid filter on teacher post grid layout 3 components
  • Edit template and metabox folder
  • Added new rules on style.css


  • Edit addons booking, bookmark and compare
  • Edit plugin settings ( remove courses shortcode )
  • Edit functions.php
  • Edit all shortcodes ( login,register, account )
  • Edit template files


  • Added addons customizer for archive pages ( teachers/courses ) header image management
  • Edit templates/archive.php for customizer integration


  • Edit style.css
  • Edit bookmark and compare addons


  • Edit style.css
  • Added new icons on assets/img
  • Added new functions on functions.php
  • Added some metabox for teachers
  • Edit single teacher page layout


  • Added possibility to add shortcodes on single teacher/courses single page.
  • Added some css new rules in style.css
  • Added icons on img assets
  • Added new course/teacher functions on functions.php
  • Added new metabox header image for single teacher and course page
  • Edit single teacher/course page structure ( layout )


  • IMPORTANT delete and re-install the plugin if you arrive form version 1.2 ( database structure has changed )
  • Edit database structure for full compatibility with all addons
  • Edit files in template folders, archive and single course template
  • Added container options in plugin settings
  • Added booking, bookmark, compare, google calendar and share addons
  • Edit visual composer courses components for one founded conflict with core plugin function
  • Added some css new rules in assets/css/style.css
  • Added some icons on assets/img/icons
  • Added tags compatibility in Courses custom post type
  • Edit core functions and shortcodes
  • Added new metabox


  • Added courses components in VisualComposer Folder
  • Added some new rules in style.css


  • Added Addons/VisualComposer folder with teachers component
  • Added some class in style.css
  • Added metabox on teacher page for manage role and teacher social network


  • Initial version